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AWS Serverless APIs & Apps – A Complete Introduction

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting Started :
What is AWS?
AWS - A Closer Look (Optional)
What is Serverless Development?
Does AWS Cost Money?
AWS Signup & First Serverless API
Why AWS?
Course Structure
How to get the Most out of this Course
How to use the File Downloads

The Core Serverless Services :
Module Introduction
An Overview over the Core Serverless Services
More Info about the Core Services
The Course Project

Creating an API with API Gateway & AWS Lambda :
Module Introduction
What is API Gateway?
API Gateway: Useful Resources & Links
Accessing the API Gateway Console
General API Gateway Features
Understanding AWS Permissions (IAM)
API-specific Features & Options
Introducing the Request-Response Cycle
Understanding the Request-Response Cycle
Creating a New API
Creating a Resource (= URL Path)
Handling CORS and the OPTIONS Preflight Request
Creating a (HTTP) Method
What is AWS Lambda?
AWS Lambda: Useful Resources & Links
Creating a Lambda Function
Lambda Pricing & Uploading Code
Connecting Lambda Functions to API Gateway Endpoints
Accessing the API from the Web & Fixing CORS Issues
Time to Practice - API Gateway + Lambda Basics
1 question
Understanding "event" in Lambda Functions
Forwarding Requests with "Proxy Integration"
Accessing Lambda Logs
Getting Started with Body Mapping Templates
Extracting Request Data with Body Mapping Templates
What's the Idea behind Body Mappings?
Understanding Body Mapping Templates
Mapping Response Data
Using Models & Validating Requests
Understanding JSON Schemas
Models & Mappings
Time to Practice - Models and Mappings
1 question
Next Steps
Adding a DELETE Method Endpoint to the API
Using Path Parameters
What about Query Parameters?
Accessing the API from the Web - The Right Way
Wrap Up

Data Storage with DynamoDB :
Module Introduction
What is DynamoDB?
AWS: DynamoDB Useful Resources & Links
How DynamoDB Organizes Data
Using DynamoDB with Lambda
DynamoDB Concepts
6 questions
Creating a Table in DynamoDB
Understanding Read & Write Capacity
Creating and Scanning Items
What about multiple Databases?
Accessing DynamoDB from Lambda
Sidenote: How Lambda works behind the Scenes
Putting Items into a DynamoDB Table from Lambda
Setting Permissions Right
Using API Gateway (Request) Data for Item Creation
Mapping the Response & Web Testing
Scanning Data in DynamoDB from Lambda
Improving the IAM Permissions
Restructuring Fetched Data in Lambda
Getting a Single Item from DynamoDB via Lambda
Testing it from the Web & Passing Correct Data
Preparing "Delete" Permissions
Giving Lambda Logging Rights
Deleting Items in DynamoDB via Lambda
Mapping DynamoDB Responses
Wrap Up

Authenticating Users with Cognito and API Gateway Authorizers :
Module Introduction
How to add Authorization to API Gateway
Understanding Custom Authorizers (API Gateway)
Creating a Custom Authorizer Function
Custom Authorizers: Provided Input & Expected Output
Using Custom Authorizers
Retrieving Users from Custom Authorizers
What is AWS Cognito?
AWS Cognito: Useful Resources & Links
Cognito User Pools and Federated Identities
Creating a Cognito User Pool
Understanding the Cognito Auth Flow
The Example Web App, Angular and TypeScript
Adding Cognito to a Frontend App - Getting Started
Using Cognito in iOS or Android Apps
Adding Signup to the Frontend App
Adding User Confirmation to a Frontend App
Adding Signin to a Frontend App
Managing User State via Cognito
Using a Cognito Authorizer with API Gateway
Passing the right User ID to Lambda
Using Query Params & Cognito from Lambda
More on the Cognito Identity Service Provider
Passing Query Params from the Frontend
Passing the User Id to the DELETE Endpoint
Wrap Up

Hosting a Serverless SPA :
Module Introduction
What is S3?
AWS S3: Useful Resources & Links
Creating a S3 Bucket
Uploading the Web App to the Bucket
Turning a S3 Bucket into a Static Webserver
Setting up Logging
Optimizing Content Delivery: What is AWS CloudFront?
AWS CloudFront: Useful Resources & Links
Setting up a CloudFront Distribution
Finishing the CloudFront Setup
Using a Custom Domain: What is Route53?
AWS Route53: Useful Resources & Links
Registering a Domain
Connecting a Domain to a CloudFront Distribution
Wrap Up

Beyond the Basics - An Outlook :
Module Introduction
Documenting an API
Other AWS Lambda Triggers
Going Serverless with a Node/ Express App (Non-API!)
Running Node/ Express Apps via Lambda + API Gateway
Pros and Cons of Serverless Node/Express MPA
Learn more about AWS Serverless + Express Apps
Serverless Apps and Security
A Case of a Better Development Workflow
Getting to know the Serverless Framework
More about the Serverless Framework
Getting to know SAM (Serverless Application Model) by AWS
More about the Serverless Application Model (SAM)
Testing Serverless Apps with localstack
Other useful AWS Services
Wrap Up
Useful Resources & Links

Course Roundup :