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AWS Rekognition: Machine Learning Using Python Masterclass

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Introduction - Course Agenda & Meet Instructor
What You Should Have
Billing Alert

AWS Machine Learning :
Your First Machine Learning Project - Complete
Project Clean Up
Watch Out For AWS Billing - Check Frequently
Your Second Machine Learning Project: Upload Data Set to S3
Creating Training Data Source & Machine Learning Model
Generating Predictions
AWS Billing Quick Check
Download Data Sets For Practice

Machine Learning Fundamentals :
Future of Machine Learning
Basics of Machine Learning
Supervised Learning
Unsupervised Learning
Deep Neural Networks
Neural Network Techniques
Reinforcement Learning
Reinforcement Learning in action

Test your knowledge - Take a Quiz :
Test your knowledge
5 questions

Core AWS Configurations & Fundamentals :
Machine Learning Fundamentals
AWS ML Pricing
Install AWS CLI
Creating AWS Security Group
Generating Key Pair
Creating AWS Instance
Connecting to AWS Instance with Putty For Windows

Test Your Knowledge - Take a Quick Quiz :
Test Your Knowledge - Take a Quick Quiz
4 questions

AWS Rekognition Using Python: In Depth :
Download & Install PyCharm
Create New AWS User: Programmatic Access
Using Command Line For User Login
Install Boto3: Amazon Web Services (AWS) SDK for Python
Create Images Directory In Pycharm
Uploading Images To Web Server: WordPress
Python pprint
Creating Helpers File
Fetching Labels From Image
Extracting Just Labels
Face Detection With Python
Using S3 Label Detection
Compare Faces Using Python
Compare Face Similarity - Lab2
Detect Text In Images
Limits Of Amazon Rekognition

Knowledge Check :
Test Your Knowledge - Take a Quick Quiz
6 questions

Python Programming For Complete Beginners :
Python Introduction & Agenda
Why Program?
Downloading Python 3.5
Python Interpreter & Idle
Nuts & Bolts of Program
Python Strings
Getting Input
Reading & Writing Files
Python Expressions
Creating Your First Program Part 1
Placing Comments in Code
Introduction To Strings
What Are Functions?
Print Function
Escape Codes In Python
Input Function
Global Variables
Concept Of Python Dictionaries
Concept of Lists
What Are Tuples?
Introduction to Loops
Working With Graphics
Conditional Execution
IF Statement
Additional IF Statements
The While Loop
Project A
Project B

Python AdvancedProgramming :
Python Refresher
List Comprehension
Sets & Dictionaries
Looping Techniques
Python Modules
Python Packages
Time Functionality
Graphical User Interface Introduction
Creating Tk Widget
Working With Buttons and Labels
Python Message Box
Radio Button Implementation
Data Entry Widget Creation
Working With Oval Objects
POST and GET Methods
Advanced File Operations
Accessing Internet With Python
Turtle Star
Random Walk
Creating Multimedia
Text Input-Part 1
Text Input-Part 2
Networking With Python
Python Debugger
Advanced Project A
Advanced Project B
Conclusion & Bonus
2 lectures
Conclusion & Bonus