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AWS ECS (Elastic Container Service) – Deep Dive

Video Introducing this tutorial

Container/Docker Basics :
What are Containers, Evolution of container technologies
Application Evolution - Container Realization
Docker Container Concepts
Docker Working Architecture (for the lab)
(Lab) Setup Docker Hub, Docker Daemon & Client
Introduction to Dockerfile
(Lab) Dockerfile intial Demo

Basic Docker Commands :
(Lab) "docker build" command & Docker Hub
(Lab) Building images - "docker image" command
(Lab) Manage containers - "docker container" command
(Lab) Docker networking - "docker network" command
(Lab) Create & Run containers - "docker container run" command
(Lab) Docker volumes, Bind Mounts
Docker Assignment
7 questions

Case Study (Host a 2-tier application using Docker containers) :
Case Study Application (2 Tier Web Appl)
(Lab) Host the backend in container - MySQL in a container
(Lab) Host front end in container - Python Flask + HTML in mutliple containers
Multiple Containers - Summary
Build your own case study
1 question

AWS ECS - ECS Cluster & Task Definition :
ECS Architecture & Workflow
ECS Hierarchy and ECR
(Lab) ECR
ECS Cluster Concepts
(Lab) ECS Cluster
Task Definition (TDef) Concepts
TDef Component 1 - Networking Mode
TDef Component 2 - Container Definition
TDef Component 3 - Volumes
(Lab) Create a complete Task Defition
(Lab) Bridge Networking Mode TDef Component
(Lab) Host Networking Mode TDef Component
(Lab) AWSVPC Networking Mode TDef Component
(Lab) Volumes TDef Component
Task Definition Summary
Case Study testing using Task Definition & Run Task

AWS ECS - Services & Discovery :
Service Registry & Discovery
AWS ECS Service Concepts
(Lab) VPC Network Topology for ECS Cluster
(Lab) Extending VPC N/W
(Lab) Create Classic and Application Load Balancers
Service Load Balancer and ASG
(Lab) ECS Services - Part 1
(Lab) ECS Services - Part 2
ECS Auto Scaling Concepts
(Lab) Cluster Auto Scaling Configuration
(Lab) Service Auto Scaling Configuration
Hints & Tips

Deploy Case Study Application Step-by-Step :
Step 1 - Understand the code (OPTIONAL)
Step 2 & 3 - ECR and VPC
Step 4 - Create ALB and Change code accordingly
Step 5 & 6 - Create RDS & ECS cluster
Step 7 & 8 - Create Task Definition and Service
Step 9 - Test the Application
A bit more on the Networking Modes (Important)

AWS ECS - Monitoring & Logging :
Monitor Cluster, Service
Logs - Capture Application/Container Logs using CloudWatch

AWS ECS Fargate :
Fargate Concept & Lab

ECS with AWS DevOps (CodeCommit, CodeBuild, CodePipeline) :
(Lab) ECS with AWS DevOps - Part 1
(Lab) ECS with AWS DevOps - Part 2: Autodeploy code modifications

EKS Intro (Elastic Kubernetes Service) :
Conclusion: High Level Kubernetes Architecture