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Udemy AWS DynamoDB – Complete Guide 2020 (incl Schema Designing)

Video Introducing this tutorial

Difference of SQL and NoSQL Databases :
This Is How This Course Is Structured...
Difference of SQL and NoSQL Databases
DynamoDB is designed for?

Basic concepts of DynamoDB :
Basic concepts of DynamoDB
What is NOT correct about GSI(Global Secondary Indexes)?

Accessing DynamoDB(CLI, Web console and NoSQL Workbench) :
Using the DynamoDB web console
Why you should use Workbench tool and, how?
Using the AWS CLI V2

Things you should know before start modeling DynamoDB schemas :
The most common anti-patterns
DynamoDB OnDemand and ProvisionedCapacity
Availability, Durability and Consistency Model
Read Request Units and Write Request Units
DynamoDB Pricing and Free tier
Pricing example

Model an Order processing app using AWS NoSQL Workbench :
Key schema design
Design the DB schema using NoSQL Workbench tool
Implementing the main access patterns
Code auto generation with Workbench tool
Try it your self! Model OrderManagement Schema on your PC and play with it.
Gift - Fetching the last 14 days orders

Build a social media Gaming App :
Understanding the data model
Cloud9 environment setup
Fetch games and players
Find open games by map
Transactional writes - practical usage
Choose the incorrect statement about DDB Transactions?
Conditional write - practical usage
Two important GSI access patterns
Cleaning and wrapping up

Build a photo sharing app :
Planning the main data model and access patterns
Key schema design and background setup
Creating table and bulk load items
Fetch user and photos
Fetch photo and its reactions (using GSI table)
Partial normalization
Transactional writes - follow a user
Transactional writes - add a reaction to photo

Useful DynamoDB design patterns. :
How to use sort keys for data organization and retrieval
Two more sort key patterns.

Implement proper pagination using DynamoDB :
How the pagination works in DynamoDB
implementing pagination using lambda
Fixing CORS issues guide
Exclusive - Go backward and forward using pagination from the UI

Leaderboard - implement using DDB streams :
Leaderboard - Find the highest scores for each game
Find the highest scores across all games
Write sharding to improve performance on leaderboard

Using CloudFormation templates :
Create table using Cloudformation
Cloudformation with auto scaling

DynamoDB Streams and Triggers :
DDB Streams and Triggers Introduction
Simple application using Triggers and Streams

Advanced DynamoDB :
DAX -DynamoDB Accelerator
TTL - Time to Live
Global Tables

Backups, Restore and Point In Time Recovery :
On Demand Backups and Restore
Point In Time Recovery (PITR - Continuous backups)

Security Best Practices for DynamoDB:
Introduction to Security Best Practices
Monitoring and Controlling access to your data
Limiting network access and Encryption KMS