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Automating Enterprise Infrastructure – Terraform and Packer

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to Infrastructure as Code (IAC) - Terraform and AWS Basics. :
About This Course : IAC , Terraform and Packer
Introduction to Infrastructure as Code and Terraform
Getting Started with AWS - Signup and Setting up IAM Credentials
Terraform Installation.
Terraform Syntax & Writing 1st Infrastructure as Code Script
Using Terraform CLI and Terraform Console
Terraform files -, and

Building AWS Infrastructure - Bastion Host, Webserver, VPC, Modules etc. :
Setting up Bastion Host - EC2 Instance with Security Groups
Installing Terraform Packer on Centos System - using Script
Setting Up Nginx Webserver using Terraform , User-data- Single Instance
Passing script in Terraform Script
Scaling Terraform Resources using Count Variables
Terraform Dependency Graph
AWS Environment using TFVAR files
Terraform Backends - Introduction to Remote States
Terraform Modules - Introduction
Introduction to Terraform Module Registry
Creating Custom VPC using Terraform Registry
Adding Monitoring ( Cloudtrail , VPC FlowLogs etc) to Custom VPC
Building ELB ( Elastic Load Balancer ) on Custom VPC -Part-1
Building ELB ( Elastic Load Balancer ) on Custom VPC -Code -Part-2

Managing AWS IAM Users,Groups and Roles using Terraform :
Creating and Attaching IAM Role for EC2 Instance
Creating IAM Groups and users using Terraform

Using Terraform and Packer for building Custom AMI's :
Packer - Part-1- Builders
Packer -Part-2 -Provisioner

Automating Vault and Consul Cluster using Terraform :
Vault and Consul Architecture - Introduction
Packer and Terraform Scripts for Vault and Consul - Live Demo
Vault Unseal and Consul UI - Checking the status of Consul and Vault Clusters

Automate Kubernetes (EKS ) Cluster using Terraform . :
Kubernetes Introduction -- Introduction ,EKS Cluster Architecture
AWS EKS Automation -- Terraform Source Code
Connecting to Terraform EKS Cluster - Summary .