Udemy Automated Software Testing with TestCafe [2020]

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting Started :
Getting Help
Setup TestCafe project
Setup Prettier (Optional)

Test Automation with TestCafe :
Lets dive into TestCafe
Add Expect method
Test Scripts
Test Hooks
Test Speed
Pausing the Test
TestCafe Selectors
Automatic screenshots on failed test
Page Load Timeouts
Skip Tests
Disable Cache
Explore Actions API
Explore Assertions API

End-to-End Testing :
Section Introduction
E2E Test 1: Login to Application
E2E Test 1: Login to Application part 2
E2E Test 2: Send Forgotten Password
E2E Test 3: Feedback Form
E2E Test 4: Search box
E2E Test 5: New Payment
Custom Helper Functions

Parallel Tests Execution + Headless Chrome :
Running multiple tests concurrently
Running tests in headless chrome
Running multiple different browsers concurrently

Using XPATHs in TestCafe :
How to use XPaths in TestCafe

Page Objects Model + Typescript :
What is Page Objects Model
Implement Page Objects into tests
Page Objects methods
Page Objects using Javascript part 1
Page Objects using Javascript part 2
Page Objects using Javascript part 3
Page Objects using Javascript part 4
Page Objects using Javascript part 5
TestCafe + Typescript (easy)
Extending with BasePage class

Visual Regression Testing with Percy :
Create Percy Project
Percy Integration with TestCafe
Visual Testing with TestCafe and Percy

BDD with TestCafe and CodeceptJS (coming next) :
Content in progress

TestCafe CI / CD Integration :
What is CI / CD
Jenkins vs Circle vs Travis
Setup Jenkins Build for TestCafe Project
Parameterized Build with Jenkins
Jenkins Overview
Bonus: Jenkins Server Script

Reporting with TestCafe :
JSON Reporter
xNunit Reporter
NUnit Reporter
List Reporter
Minimal Reporter

HTML + JavaScript for Testers :
What is HTML?
Headings & Paragraphs
Formatting Elements
Class, ID, data-test attributes
Dynamic Content
Head & Meta tags
Javascript tech-stack overview
Var, Let & Const
Console log, info, warn, error
Functions & Arrow Functions
Dates & Time
Inspect Website
Describe, Test, It, Expect
Describe, Test, It, Expect
Async / Await

Interview Questions :
Basic questions
Advanced questions

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