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Autodesk Combustion – The Ultimate Guide 2019

Video Introducing this tutorial

Combustion Fundamentals :
Introduction to Combustion
Interface UI
Creating New Composition
Creating New Composition Continue
Importing Video
Editing Timeline
Replacing Footage
Transform Controls of Layer
Animating Transform Controls
Duplicating Animation
Viewport Layout
Alpha Channel
Creating Alpha Image
Creating Alpha Image Continue
Working with Layer Blending Part 1
Working with Layer Blending Part 2
Working with Layer Blending Part 3
Working with Layer Blending Part 4
Working with Layer Blending Part 5
Working with Layer Blending Part 6
Working with Layer Blending Part 7
Working with Layer Blending Part 8
Preserve Alpha
Stencil Layer Part 1
Stencil Layer Part 2
Stencil Layer Part 3
Animation to Scale and Y AXIS
Animation to Rotation, Opacity and Interpolation
Summary of Introduction to Combustion

Masks :
Concept of Rotoscopy
Introduction to Rotoscopy
Extracting Rope and Analyzing Shot
Add Key
Animating Head
Animating Torso
Animating Left Arms
Animating Front Thigh
Animating Front Shoe
Further Animating Mask
Continue on Animating Mask
Further Animating Front Thigh
Further Animating Front Shoe
Animating Leg Behind
Extra Poly Hand
Manipulate Left Thigh
Adding Extra polygon of Hand
Adding Extra Polygon of Torso
Adjust Below Portion Body
Use of Bezier Mask Tool
Adjusting Extra Hand
Refine Tuning Shapes
Continue on Refine Tuning Shapes
Refine Tuning front Thigh
Compositing Extracted Character
Importance and Purpose of Stereoscopic Roto
Continue on Stereoscopic Roto
Rotoscopy Summary

Keying and Color Correction :
Using Diamond Keyer
Importing Image Sequence
Using Tolerance In Diamond Keyer
Creating Garbage Matte
Using Linear Keyer
Continue on Using Linear Keyer
Fundamental of Keying
Process of Keying
Major Factors While Keying
Keying in Combustion
Introduction to Discreet Keyer
Applying Discreet Keyer
Stores inside Discreet Keyer
Matte and Color Suppression Controls in Discreet Keyer
Keying out through Channel in Discreet Keyer
Applying Alpha Level Operator for Refining Matte
Matte Control Operator
Summary of Keying Operators
Introduction to Bit Depth
Different ways of Changing Bit Depth
Fundamentals and Importance of Color Correction
Understanding the Histogram
Learning Offset Gamma and Gain
Using the Discreet CC Basic Operator
Using the Discreet CC Basic Operator Continue
Using the Discreet CC Histogram
Using the Discreet CC Curves
Using the Discreet CC Curves Continue
Discreet Color Wheel
Discreet Color Wheel Continues
Rewiring Colors Inside Color Wheel
Color Suppression and Discreet Color Corrector
Color Shift and Equalize Operators
Movie Color and Color Warper
Using Selective Color Warper
Selective Color Warper Continues
Exporting and importing the data from Color Warper