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Architectural Design Tools in Blender

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :

Get your free software and setting up Blender :
Getting the free software Blender and Gimp
Enabling additional features with add-ons
Setting up units of measurement
Who's been reading?
1 question

Introduction to The Blender Interface :
The 3D View
The Timeline
The Properties Editor
The Outliner
The Info Editor
Mouse Buttons
Mesh Selection Methods

Discover the 2D drawing tools in Blender :
Grease Pencil Intro
Introduction to the Grease Pencil
Grease Pencil Question
2 questions

Planning out your Interior :
Drawing with the Grease Pencil
Adding 2D outline plan of bathroom
Developing the 2D drawing further
Adding text to the drawing
Switching the camera to orthographic lens type
Adding dimensions to the 2D drawing
Rendering out our 2D plan view

Architectural Design Tools :
Unleashing the power of the Archimesh feature
Introduction to the layer management system
Adding a door to the scene
Adding a Window to the scene
Introduction to the great cabinet feature in Archimesh

Take control & create your own Models :
Creating the vanity top
Modelling the bottom shelf of the vanity
Downloading manufacturers bath drawings
Adding these drawings as modelling Pictures
Adding Image for a side view
Modelling the toilet
Modelling the toilet Seat
Adding bath drawing as modelling Pictures
Modelling the bath
Finishing off the bath model
Modelling a button flush
Modelling the bath mixer
Modelling the bath mixers water pipe
Finishing off the bath mixer
Finding drawings for the vanity taps
Modelling the vanity taps
Modelling shower controls
Modelling a shower Head
Modelling a towel holder
Modelling the vanity waste pipes
Modelling the splash back and mirror
Modelling square lights for the ceiling
Adding a roof light to the scene

Lighting & Materials :
An introduction to the Blender Cloud service
Adding an environment texture
Adding glass material
Applying a marble material to the Floor
Adding a marble material to the walls
Adding a bath tub material
Adding a mirror material
Adding a metal material
Adding a light material
Adding a vanity material
Adding a perspective camera to the scene
Adding light portals to the windows

Render out our Scene :
Adjusting the render settings
How to render out an Image

Bonus Section :
Extra Courses & Material