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Udemy AppSettings and Secrets in ASP.NET Core

Video Introducing this tutorial

Section 1 :
Secrets in Application
Why Appsecrets should be secured
Create Project
Add to Github

Section 2 :
Add SendGrid in AppSettings
Retrieve SendGrid Value from AppSettings
Sections in AppSettings
Another way to retrieve Sections in AppSettings
Assignment 1
Assignment 1 - GetValue and GetSection
IConfiguration in View

Section 3 :
Bind Class to App Settings Section
Bind TwilioSettings in Startup Class File
Extension Method
Hierarchy and Limitations of Extension Method
Injecting Ioptions in View
Connection String

Section 4 :
Environment Specific AppSettings
User secrets- Theory
User Secrets
Environment Variables in LaunchSettings
Set Environment Variables in Console
Environment Variables on Machine
Command Line
Default Hierarchy
Custom Json File

Section 5 :
Azure Key Vault Overview
Create Azure Key Vault
Publish to Azure
Azure Key Vault localhost demo
Azure Application and KeyVault Link
Moving KeyVaultName to AppSettings