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Applied Multivariate Analysis with R

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to Multivariate Data and Analysis :
Introduction to Multivariate Analysis (MVA) Course
Materials for Section 1 Introduction to MV Data and Analysis
What is "Multivariate Analysis" ?
Missing Values and the Measure Dataset
Other Multivariate Datasets
Covariance, Correlation and Distance (part 1)
Covariance, Correlation and Distance (part 2)
Covariance, Correlation and Distance (part 3)
The Multivariate Normal Density Function
Setting Up Normality Plots
Drawing Normality Plots
Covariance, Correlation and Normality Exercises

Visualizing Multivariate Data :
Materials and Exercises for Visualizing Multivariate Data Section
Covariance and Correlation Matrices with Missing Data (part 1)
Covariance and Correlation Matrices with Missing Data (part 2)
Univariate and Multivariate QQPlots of Pottery Data
Converting Covariance to Correlation Matrices
Plots for Marginal Distributions
Outlier Identification
Chi, Bubble, and other Glyph Plots
Scatterplot Matrix
Kernel Density Estimators
3-Dimensional and Trellis (Lattice Package) Graphics
More Trellis (Lattice Package) Graphics
Bivariate Boxplot and ChiPlot Visualizations Exercises

Principal Components Analysis (PCA) :
Materials for Principal Components Analysis (PCA) Section
Bivariate Boxplot Visualization Exercise Solution
ChiPlot Visualization Exercise Solution
What is a "Principal Components Analysis" (PCA) ?
PCA Basics with R: Blood Data (part 1)
PCA Basics with R: Blood Data (part 2)
PCA with Head Size Data (part 1)
PCA with Head Size Data (part 2)
PCA with Heptathlon Data (part 1)
PCA with Heptathlon Data (part 2)
PCA with Heptathlon Data (part 3)
PCA Criminal Convictions Exercise

Multidimensional Scaling (MDS) :
Materials for Multidimensional Scaling Section
PCA Criminal Convictions Exercise Solution
Introduction to Multidimensional Scaling
Classical Multidimensional Scaling (part 1)
Classical Multidimensional Scaling (part 2)
Classical Multidimensional Scaling: Skulls Data
Non-Metric Multidimensional Scaling Example: Voting Behavior
Non-Metric Multidimensional Scaling Example: WW II Leaders
Multidimensional Scaling Exercise: Water Voles

Cluster Analysis :
Materials for Cluster Analysis Section
MDS Water Voles Exercise Solution
Introduction to Cluster Analysis
Hierarchical Clustering Distance Techniques
Hierarchical Clustering of Measures Data
Hierarchical Clustering of Fighter Jets
K-Means Clustering of Crime Data (part 1)
K-Means Clustering of Crime Data (part 2)
Clustering of Romano-British Pottery Data
K-Means Classifying of Exoplanets
Model-Based Clustering of Exoplanets
Finite Mixture Model-Based Analysis
Cluster Analysis Neighborhood and Stripes Plots
K-Means Cluster Analysis Crime Data Exercise

Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) :
Materials for Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) Section
K-Means Crime Data Exercise Solution
Introduction to Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA)
The factanal() Function Explained
EFA Life Data Example
EFA Drug Use Data Example
Comparing EFA with Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA)
EFA Exercise

Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling (SEM), QGraph, and SIMSEM :
Introduction to the SEM, QGraph and SIMSEM Course Section with Materials
Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) Exercise Solution
Specify and Estimate Drug Use SEM Model
Specify and Estimate Alienation SEM Model
QGraph Visualizations
SIMSEM Package Simulation Capabilities (part 1)
SIMSEM Package Simulation Capabilities (part 2)