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Appium-Mobile Automation Testing ( From Basics to Framework )

Video Introducing this tutorial

01 Appium Introduction
02 Appium- Prerequisites Installation for Windows
03 Appium- Prerequisites Installation for Mac
04 Basics of Android
05 Running Your First Test on Android
06 Automating FacebookNative App- Using UiSelector Class
07 Mobile Touch Gestures- DragDrop, MultiTouch, Swipe,Scroll
08 Android MobileBrowser-Automating Mobile Web Application
09 Android-Automating Built In AppsPhone,Contacts,Settings
10 Appium-Testing on Real IOS Devices
11 Working with Safari browser on IOS Device
12 Working with IOS Controls on Real IOS Device
13 Jenkins-Continous Integration with Appium
14 SauceLabs-Cloud Integration with Appium
15 Programmatically Launch Appium on Mac Windows
16 PageFactory Model- Automating IOS App