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App Design with Sketch: UI and UX

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Download Sketch
Sketch vs. Photoshop
Difference between Sketch and Photoshop
1 question

Basics of Sketch :
Setting up an Artboard + Creating your first Shape
Explore Colour Styles and different Shapes

First Screendesign + Live Preview :
First App
Preview on your Device

Quick Tips App Design :
Quick Tip 1
Quick Tip 2
Quiz UI/UX
1 question

Recreating Snapchat App :
Chat Screen: Setting up an Artboard + Navigation
Chat Screen: Navigation Bar
Chat Screen: Snapchat Icon
Camera Screen: Setting up an Artboard + Advanced Icon Design
Camera Screen: Advanced Icon Part 2
Camera Screen: Navigation Bar + Layer Style
Camera Screen: Inserting an Image
Story Screen: Setting up an Artboard + Discover Icon
Story Screen: Navigation Bar + Settings Icon
Story Screen: Layer Organisation + Icons + Text
Story Screen: Adding Content
Discover Screen: Setting up an Artboard + Layout
Discover Screen: Adding Content (Logos)
Discover Screen: Adding Content (Images)
Discover Screen: Headlines
Discover Screen: Finishing the App + Exporting the Artboards

App Icon Design :
Recreating the Calendar Icon
Recreating the Photos Icon
Recreating the Safari Icon
Essentials App Icon

Wireframing :
What is Wireframing

Prototyping :
What is Prototyping?
Prototyping on Paper
Prototyping on Screen

How to Earn Money :
How to earn Money while learning Sketch
Monetization Strategies for your App Business

Success Strategy :
Strategy - Building an App
Becoming a Pro

Plugins :
Auto Layout
Responsive Design with Auto Layout