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Udemy App Building for Non Coders and Beginners

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Who is this course for?
Why do you want to build an App?
What is an App Builder?
What are the costs for building and maintain an App

Starting to Build your App on Appy Pie :
Getting Started with AppyPie - A tour
Designing your App
Design App 2
Testing Your Appy Pie App
How to Add Features and Video Content featuring my Chicvoyage App
Adding Websites and Icons
How to add your website to your app
Steps to Publish Your App

Create a Google Developer Console Account :
Tour of the The Google Developer Console
Inviting users to help manage your app
How to optimize your App for Search Optimization (ASO)
Creating a Custom Store Listing
How to conduct A and B Testing
Course Summary

Crash course to Adobe Spark Graphic Design :
Introduction to Adobe Spark Graphic Design
Adobe Spark Course Promo
Adobe Spark how to create custom size posts
Setting up Adobe Spark
Creating a YoutubeThumbnail Pt 1
Creating a YoutubeThumbnail Pt 2