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Udemy Apache Spark 3 – Spark Programming in Python for Beginners

Video Introducing this tutorial

Apache Spark Introduction :
Big Data History and Primer
Understanding the Data Lake Landscape
What is Apache Spark - An Introduction and Overview
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Installing and Using Apache Spark :
Spark Development Environments
Apache Spark in Local Mode Command Line REPL
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Apache Spark in the IDE - PyCharm
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Apache Spark in Cloud - Databricks Community and Notebooks
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Apache Spark in Anaconda - Jupyter Notebook

Spark Execution Model and Architecture :
Execution Methods - How to Run Spark Programs?
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Spark Distributed Processing Model - How your program runs?
Spark Execution Modes and Cluster Managers
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Summarizing Spark Execution Models - When to use What?
Working with PySpark Shell - Demo
Installing Multi-Node Spark Cluster - Demo
Working with Notebooks in Cluster - Demo
Working with Spark Submit - Demo
Section Summary
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Spark Programming Model and Developer Experience :
Creating Spark Project Build Configuration
Configuring Spark Project Application Logs
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Creating Spark Session
Configuring Spark Session
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Data Frame Introduction
Data Frame Partitions and Executors
Spark Transformations and Actions
Spark Jobs Stages and Task
Understanding your Execution Plan
Unit Testing Spark Application
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Spark Structured API Foundation :
Introduction to Spark APIs
Introduction to Spark RDD API
Working with Spark SQL
Spark SQL Engine and Catalyst Optimizer
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Spark Data Sources and Sinks :
Spark Data Sources and Sinks
Spark DataFrameReader API
Reading CSV, JSON and Parquet files
Creating Spark DataFrame Schema
Spark DataFrameWriter API
Writing Your Data and Managing Layout
Spark Databases and Tables
Working with Spark SQL Tables

Spark Dataframe and Dataset Transformations :
Introduction to Data Transformation
Working with Dataframe Rows
DataFrame Rows and Unit Testing
Dataframe Rows and Unstructured data
Working with Dataframe Columns
Creating and Using UDF
Misc Transformations

Aggregations in Apache Spark :
Aggregating Dataframes
Grouping Aggregations
Windowing Aggregations

Spark Dataframe Joins :
Dataframe Joins and column name ambiguity
Outer Joins in Dataframe
Internals of Spark Join and shuffle
Optimizing your joins
Implementing Bucket Joins

Keep Learning :
Bonus Lecture : Get Extra