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Udemy Apache Spark 3 – Databricks Certified Associate Developer

Video Introducing this tutorial

Apache Spark Architecture: Distributed Processing :
What You Will Learn In This Section
Distributed Processing: How Apache Spark Runs On A Cluster
Azure Databricks: How To Create A Cluster
Databricks Community Edition: How To Create A Cluster
How does Apache Spark runs on a cluster ?

Apache Spark Architecture: Distributed Data :
Install the course Dataset and Notbooks
Distributed Data: The DataFrame
How To Define The Structure Of A DataFrame
What is a DataFrame

DataFrame Transformations :
Selecting Columns
Renaming Columns
Change Columns data type
How to access columns
Adding Columns to a DataFrame
Removing Columns from a DataFrame
Test your understanding
Basics Arithmetic with DataFrame
Apache Spark Architecture: DataFrame Immutability
How To Filter A DataFrame
Test Your Knowledge
Apache Spark Architecture: Narrow Transformations
Dropping Rows
How to Drop rows and columns
Handling Null Values Part I - Null Functions
Handling Null Values Part II - DataFrameNaFunctions
Sort and Order Rows - Sort & OrderBy
Can You Handle Null Values?
Create Group of Rows: GroupBy
DataFrame Statistics
Group and Order
Joining DataFrames - Inner Join
Joining DataFrames - Right Outer Join
Joining DataFrames - Left Outer Join
Appending Rows to a DataFrame - Union
Can you Join two DataFrames?
Cahing a DataFrame
DataFrameWriter Part I
DataFrameWriter Part II - PartitionBy
User Defined Functions
Do you know how to save the result of your work?

Apache Spark Architecture: Execution :
Query Planning
Execution Hierarchy
Partioning a DataFrame
Adaptive Query Execution - An Introductuction
How Apache Spark Runs

Exam Logistics :
Exam Logistics