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Apache Maven: A Practical Introduction

Video Introducing this tutorial

Course Introduction :
Welcome to the course!
Course Resource Links
Setting up for Using the Command Liine
Creating a Maven Project with the Quickstart Archetype

Installation Basics :
Section Introduction
Checking if you have Maven Installed
Installing Maven on Windows
Installing Maven on Linux
A Quick Tour of the Maven Installation

Fundamentals of Maven :
Section Introduction
The Structure of a Maven Project
Performing Simple Build Tasks with Maven
Maven Invocation Modes
The Project Object Model and POM File
The Super POM and Effective POM
Maven Build Lifecycles and Phases
Resolving a Simple Dependency
Resolving a Complex Dependency
Analyzing Dependencies with Dependency Tree
Finding Dependencies in the Maven Central Repository
The Maven Local Repo Cache
Population of the Local Maven Repo Cache when Executing a Build
Maven Plugins
The Maven Help Plugin
Creating a Web App Project

Working with Maven in an IDE :
Creating a Maven project from scratch in Intellij IDEA

Wrapping Up :
Thank you and where next?

Bonus Materials :
Maven Cheatsheet