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Apache Kafka Series – Learn Apache Kafka for Beginners to Intermediate

Introduction to Kafka and the ecosystem :
Course objectives
Pre-requisites before getting started
What is Apache Kafka
Kafka and the Kafka ecosystem: high level overview
Kafka Architecture within the enterprise
Intro to Kafka and the ecosystem
4 questions
How to ask questions in the Q&A

Apache Kafka: Core Concepts :
Topics and Partitions
Brokers and Data Replication
Consumers and Consumer Groups
Kafka Guarantees, Message Ordering
Delivery Semantics: At least once, at most once, exactly once
Core concepts
13 questions

Apache Kafka: Install Docker and Start Kafka! :
Important information about installation and Setup of Kafka
Pre-requisite: Docker on Mac (recent versions)
Pre-requisite: Docker Toolbox on Mac (older versions)
Pre-requisite: Docker on Linux (Ubuntu as an example)
Pre-requisite: Docker on Windows 10 64bit
Pre-requisite: Docker Toolbox on Windows (other versions)
Important note for Docker Toolbox users
Starting Kafka!

Apache Kafka: Hands-on Practice :
Topic operations: create, list, delete, describe
Publishing data to a topic using the console producer
Consuming data from a topic using the console consumer
Kafka Topics UI
Writing your own producer
Writing your own consumer

Code Examples - Library Integrations :
Kafka Producer and Consumer Examples
Spark & Spark Streaming Integration
Akka Streams Integration
Scala Library & Actor Model Integration
Apache NiFi Integration
Spring Framework (pointers)

Advanced: Topic Configuration :
Why should I care about Topic Configuration?
Hands on: Changing Topic Configurations
Partitions Count & Replication Factor
Segments and Indexes
Log Cleanup Policy: Overview
Log Cleanup Policy: "delete" based on Time and Bytes
Log Cleanup Policy: Log Compaction - Theory
Hands On: Log Compaction
Log Compression
Other Advanced Topic Configurations

Next steps! :
What's next?
Congratulations and Thank you!

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