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Apache Kafka Series – KSQL for Stream Processing – Hands On!

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
KSQL Course Introduction
Project Overview

Code Download :
Code Download

KSQL Setup :
KSQL Setup - Mac / Linux / Windows
Important - Windows Users
KSQL Command Line

KSQL Basics :
Our first KSQL Stream
Create a Stream with JSON
KSQL Datagen - Generating Streams
Manipulate a Stream
Our first table
Update a table

KSQL Intermediate :
KSQL Joins
Data Encodings
CSV Delimited Data
Avro Data
Avro Schema Evolution
Nested JSON
Build a rekeyed table
Repartition a Stream
Merging Streams

KSQL Extensions - UDF & UDAF :
Extending KSQL - UDF / UDAF
Using the UDF / UDAF

KSQL in Production :
Moving to Productions-Headless for KSQL
Explain Plan
Scaling and Load Balancing
Configuration Settings
State Stores

Next Steps :
Next Steps & Congratulations
Bonus Lecture: Special discounts for our other courses