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Udemy Apache Kafka for Developers using Spring Boot [LatestEdition]

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Getting Started With the Course
2. Course Slides
3. Getting Started with Kafka
4. Download and Install Kafka
5. Understanding Kafka Components and its Internals - (Theory + Hands On)
6. Application Overview
7. Source Code for this Course
8. Build SpringBoot Kafka Producer - Hands On
9. Integration Testing using JUnit5 - Hands On
10. Unit Testing using JUnit5- Hands On
11. Build SpringBoot Kafka Producer - Sending Message With Key - Hands On
12. Kafka Producer Important Configurations
13. Build SpringBoot Kafka Consumer - Hands On
14. Consumer Groups and Consumer Offset Management- Hands On
15. Persisting Library Events in DB - Using H2 InMemory DataBase - Hands On
16. Integration Testing using Embedded Kafka - Kafka Consumer - Hands On
17. Error Handling, Retry and Recovery - Kafka Consumer - Hands On
18. Error Handling, Retry and Recovery - Kafka Producer - Hands On
19. Kafka Security using SSL Hands-On
20. Accessing SSL Secured Kafka Cluster using Spring Boot