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Apache Cordova -Build Hybrid Mobile Apps with HTML, CSS & JS

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
The Mobile Delivery Gap
What is a Hybrid App ?
The Choice to Go Hybrid
Comparing Hybrid vs. Native
How PhoneGap becomes Apache Cordova ?
Overview of Apache Cordova
Choose UI Framework for Cordova Application
Cordova Quiz 1
3 questions

Setting up the Environment :
Download & Installing Node.js
Installing GIT
Install Java JDK (Java Development Kit)
Install Android Studio & SDK
Installing the Cordova CLI
Path Setup for Windows User
Setting ANDROID_HOME environment variable on Mac OS X
Installing and Setting up Gradle build
Have you installed essentials software for Cordova ?
4 questions

Create, Build & Run your First Cordova Project :
Create your first Cordova Project
Cordova Project structure
Adding & Removing Platform
Build your Cordova project
Setup Android Emulator or Android Virtual Device (AVD)
Running your Cordova Project on Emulator or Android Virtual Device
Adding & Removing cordova Plugins

Device Info Cordova Plugin :
What is device api ?
Cordova Device Plugin - Access Device Information