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Angular Progressive Web Apps (PWA) & FREE E-Book

Angular Service Worker :
Angular Progressive Web Apps Course Helicopter View
The Typescript Jumpstart Ebook
Course Kick-Off - Install Node, NPM, IDE And Service Workers Section Code
How To Convert an Angular Application Into a PWA
How To Run The Angular Service Worker In Production Mode
Angular Service Worker - How Does it Work?
Service Worker Version Management - How Does it Work?
The Angular Service Worker Kill Switch
Performance Caching Policy - Cache First, Network Last
Freshness Caching Policy - Network First, Cache Last

App Manifest - Add Application To Home Screen :
App Manifest - Making a PWA One-Click Installable

The Angular Application Shell :
What is an Application Shell, What Problem Does it Solve?
Learn the Relation Between the App Shell and Angular Universal
Learn How the App Shell is Rendered Using the Angular Router
The App Shell In Action - View Performance Benefits

Push Notifications :
New Section Kickoff - Push Notifications
Server Identification - Generating a VAPID key with the web-push library
VAPID Public Key and Private Key - Learn the Differences
How do Push Notifications Work? Browser-specific Push Service Providers
Push Notifications Request - Implementation Completed
How To Display The Allow or Deny Notifications Popup Again
Push Notification in Node - Server Implementation With web-push
View Web Push Notifications In Action

Service Worker Fundamentals :
Service Workers In a Nutshell - Service Worker Registration
Service Workers Hello World - Lifecycle Part 1 and PWA Chrome Dev Tools
Service Workers and Application Versioning - Install & Activate Lifecycle Phases
Downloading The Offline Page - The Service Worker Installation Phase
Introduction to the Cache Storage PWA API
View Service Workers HTTP Interception Features In Action
Service Workers Error Handling - Serving The Offline Page

Service Workers In Practice :
Section Introduction - Service Workers and Application Download and Installation
Downloading an Application In The Background Using Service Workers
Using Service Workers To Implement a Cache Then Network Fetch Strategy
Service Worker Version Management in Action
Service Worker Version Management - Deleting Previous Application Versions
Performance Benefits of a Service Worker over a Slow Connection
Service Worker Lifecycle - Understanding The Default Behavior
Service Worker Lifecycle Customization -Early Activation with clients.claim()
Service Worker Lifecycle Customization with skipWaiting()
Service Worker Lifecycle Customization - Manually Check For New Versions

Conclusion :
Course Conclusion and Key Takeaways