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Udemy Angular Nest Web Application Architect – Master Class 2020

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
About this course
What we are going to build
Course outline
How to get most out of this course

Product Design and Architecture :
About this section
Gather info before stepping into project
Architect your Application
Design your wireframe - Figma / Adobe XD
Review and redesign before it's too late

Tech Stack Overview :
About this section
Version Control and Project Management
What is a Monorepo?
Angular and NestJS - How is it better?
Tools and Documentation
Automation Testing
Dockerize your Application
CI/CD Pipelines
AWS or GCP - Where do we deploy?
Customize your VS Code
Come up with your Own Architectural Design

Setup your Repository :
About this section
Initialize Angular frontend
Initialize NestJS backend
Monorepo Config - Linting and Serving
Initialize MongoDB
Monorepo Config - Shared Resources
Materialize your frontend
Modularize your backend
Monorepo Config - Jest and Documentation
Monorepo Tweaks

Implementing CI/CD Pipelines :
About this section
GitLab Pipeline stages - Basics
Getting started with GCP
GitLab Pipeline stages - Advanced
Angular Nest - Dockerize and Deploy

NestJS Best Practices :
About this section
Working with mongoDB in nestJS
JWT Authentication
Working with Guards
Implementing Validation
Custom Validators
Error Handling through exceptions
Logging with Interceptors
Middleware and Security
NestJS Tweaks and Rechecks
Angular Best Practices
About this section
Progressive Web App
State Management with NgRx
Adding Control Components
Including Theme Engine
Creating a Slider Control
Angular Routing - Basics
Angular Routing - Lazy Loading
Angular Authentication and Auth Guard
Role Guard

Creating API End Points :
About this section
Basic CRUD Functionality
Learning Tips and Tricks in Postman
Advanced concepts in mongoDB
Overview on student module APIs

Angular Titbits :
About this section
Angular Map Component
Angular Styling
Creating Micro in-built Application
Angular Animations

You have completed Successfully ! :
Congrats Web Architect