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Angular 8 from Zero to Hero Get Hired

Single-Page Application
Why Angular and let's getting started
Goal of Angular Course
History and Requirement for this course
Compare JQuery and Angular
What Angular Routing and How to use it
What's Angular Wildcard and Applying it.
Angular RouterLink, RouterLinkActive
Angular Routing Parameters
Angular Routing Navigation
What's a Bootstrap
How to add Bootstrap to Angular App
Project Overview
Todo Tasks Project Step by Step
Prepare Development environment
What's Git, GitHub and Installing it
Angular Project structure
What's WebPack
What's Typescript
Define Typescript Variables
Dive into Typescript Types
Typescript Operators
Typescript Functions
Type Builtin Functions
Typescript Array
Typescript interface
What's Component and Module
Create more component using Angular cli
@Component template vs. templateUrl
Component nesting
Angular Architecture
Angular Interpolation
Property Binding vs Angular interpolation
Class Binding
Style Binding
Event Binding
Template Variable
Angular @ViewChild
Two Way Binding
@input properties
@output properties
Angular Structural Directives
ngIf Directive
ngSwitch Directive
ngFor Directive
Using pipes
Angular Project To-Do Tasks Overview
Angular Project To-Do Tasks Part 1
Angular Project To-Do Tasks Part 2
Why Angular Services
what's RxJS
1What's Angular, RxJS Version of your Development Environment
What's Angular Service
What's Dependency Injection
Implementing Angular Service
Difference between Constructor and ngOnInit
Understanding RESTful Service
What's Angular Observable
Using Angular Observable
Http Response Error Handling