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Angular 7 Security Masterclass

Introduction :
Angular Security Course Helicopter View
The Typescript Jumpstart Ebook
Installing Git, Node, NPM and Choosing an IDE
Installing The Lessons Code - Learn Why Its Essential To Use NPM 5
How To Run Node In TypeScript With Hot Reloading
Guided Tour Of The Sample Application

Sign Up Service - Initial Client and Server-Side Implementation :
Client Side Authentication Service - API Design
Client Authentication Service - Design and Implementation
The New Angular HTTP Client - Doing a POST Call To The Server
User Sign Up Server-Side Implementation in Express

Password Storage - Hashing and Salting :
Introduction To Cryptographic Hashes - A Running Demo
Some Interesting Properties Of Hashing Functions - Validating Passwords
Learn Offline Dictionary Attacks - Why Use Cryptographic Salting?
Password Key Derivation Functions and The Node Crypto Module
Using the Argon 2 Hashing Function In Our Sign Up Backend Service
How To Implement a Password Policy
Displaying Client-Side Password Validation Errors - What's Next?

User Session Management :
Switch Branches And User Session Management Section Introduction
Node Util Promisify - How to Convert Callback Based APIs to Promise-based
Introduction To Node Async Await - Creating a User Session Id
Modeling a User Session - Classes Or Interfaces?
Browser Cookies - How To Use Them For User Session Management
Attack Scenario - User Identity Theft Attack Using A Third-Party Server
How To Better Protect The Session Id Using HTTP Only Cookies
HTTPS Secure Cookies - Running the Angular CLI in HTTPS Mode
Client-Side User Session Management - Retrieve User Data From Session
An Ancient Vulnerability - JSON Hijacking, Securing REST Endpoint
Implementing Logout - Destroying The User Session
User Login - Step-by-Step Implementation
Finish Login Functionality and Section Conclusion

Introduction To JSON Web Tokens :
JSON Web Tokens - Section Introduction
Creating Your First JWT - What Does It Look Like?
JSON Web Tokens In a Nutshell
JSON Web Tokens In Detail - The Header and the Payload
JWT Signature With HS256 - How Does It Work? Learn What is an HMAC Code
JWT Signature With RS256 - Learn The Advantages Compared to HS256
Creating a JWT User Session - Setting Subject and Expiration

JWT In Practice - Step-by-Step Authentication With JSON Web Tokens :
User Sign Up With JWT - Learn How To Combine Cookies and JWTs
Server-Side User Identification Via a Custom Express Middleware
User Retrieval Express Middleware - Error Handling With Async Await
Finishing The Implementation Of User Identification Middleware
Backend JWT-based Security Using an Express Middleware
JWT-based Authentication - Section Conclusion and What's Next

CSRF - Cross Site Request Forgery :
Understanding CSRF - Step-by-Step Attack Simulation
CSRF In Detail - Understanding Attack Limitations
Implementing the CSRF Double Submit Cookie Defense - Server Implementation
How To Defense Our Application Against CSRF - Client And Server Defenses

JWT-based Authentication With Auth0 :
Auth0 Section Introduction - Using JWTs to Delegate Authentication To 3rd Party
Integrating a 3rd Party Authentication Provider - Auth0
Setting Up an Auth0 Externally Hosted Login Page
How does Auth0 Authentication Work? Logging In a User
Receiving The Auth0 JWT at Application Startup with parseHash
Storing the Auth0 JWT In Local Storage
Adapting the UI To the User Login Status
Angular HTTP Interceptor - Build an Authentication Interceptor
JWT Authentication with express-jwt and JSON Web Key Set - Backend Design
Auth0 JWT-based Authentication - Backend Implementation
User Sign Up -Requesting Permission to Use Users Email
User Signup and User Preferences - Frontend Implementation
User Signup and User Profile - Server-Side Implementation
Section Summary - The Main Benefit of JWTs

RBAC Role-Based Authorization :
RBAC Role-Based Authorization - Section Introduction
Setting Up The RBAC Solution - Adding Roles to our JWT
Angular RBAC Authorization - Solution Overview
Backend Express Authorization Route - Design Overview
Backend Express Authorization Route - Implementation and Demo
The Admin Login As User Backend Service
UI RBAC Authorization With The rbacAllow Structural Directive
The rbacAllow Structural Directive - Final Implementation and Demo
Authorization Router Guard - Initial Implementation
Authorization Router Guard Completed - Configuring a Factory Provider

Conclusion :
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Bonus Lecture
Conclusion and Key Takeaways