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Angular 7 Advanced & FREE E-Book

Course Overview and Development Environment Setup :
Angular Advanced Course - Helicopter View
The Typescript Jumpstart Ebook
Installing Node, NPM, Git, IDE - An Alternative Webstorm Version
Installing The Lessons Code - Learn About Git Remote vs Local Branches
Installing Yarn and CLI, Setting Up a Development Server

Our First Angular Library - The Font Awesome And Material Design Input Boxes :
How to Make The Most Of the Q&A Section
Demo of Our First Library - Font Awesome And Google Material Icons Input
Beginning The Implementation Of The Font Awesome Input Box
Angular Component Styling - Watch Style Isolation In Action
Learn An Angular CSS Extension Feature - The Host Pseudo Selector
Component Styling Best Practices - Ensure Solid Styles For Multiple Widget Sizes
Component API Design - Simpler and More Reusable Components With ng-content
Understanding ng-content and Style Isolation - Learn The Deep Style Modifier
The ContentChild Decorator, How Does It Work ? Component Design Best Practices
ContentChild, Directives and HostListener - Implementing the Input Focus Feature
Implementing The input Focus Functionality - The HostBinding Decorator

Styling Angular Components - Best Practices :
Separating Structural Styles From Theme Styles - Making Components Themeable
How To Create An Alternative Component Theme And Ship It With The Library
Creating an Alternative Component Theme, See the CLI SaaS Support In Action
Angular Style Isolation - Emulated View Encapsulation - Learn How It Works
Learn 2 More Alternative Ways of Handling CSS in Angular Applications
Setting Up A Library Module, Confirming AOT is Supported
Angular Component Testing Overview
The Angular CLI Testing Infrastructure - Running Our First Test
Adding Tests the Font Awesome Input - How to Test a Component
Angular Component Testing - Producing a More Readable Test Report
How To Debug Angular Tests

How to Publish An Angular Library :
How To Publish A Library To a Private Enterprise NPM Repository
Material Design Input Box - Consolidation Exercise
Material Design Input Box - Consolidation Exercise Solution
Introduction To The Angular Library Quickstart Seed Repository
Learn The Main Benefits of Using The Angular Package Format
Review And Publication Of An Angular Library In the Angular Package Format
Final Library Publication Step - Test The Library With Different Consumers

Writing a Tab Container Component :
Angular Library Demo - A Tab Container With Configurable Look And Feel
Switching To a New Branch - Reviewing the Tab Container Starting Point
Angular Component Styling - Commonly Needed SaaS Features
Implementing The Tab Panel Component - Initial Version Up And Running
Using the Angular Template and Styling Features To Simplify Our HTML and CSS
Content Projection With @ContentChildren and The AfterContentInit Lifecycle Hook
The Tab Container Component - See The Initial Implementation Up And Running
Angular Advanced Features - ng-template , ng-container, ngTemplateOutlet
Learn Angular Template References And Input Template Partials
Testing The Tab Container Component
Angular Component Testing - How To Simulate User interaction

Modal Component and Structural Directives :
Modal Component and Structural Directives - Section Introduction
How To Implement a Modal Component - Reviewing The HTML and CSS
Implementing a Modal Component - The First Version Up And Running
Configurable Angular Components - Content Projection and Input Templates
Structural Directives - How Do They Work ? Understanding Their Syntax
Step-By-Step Implementation of a Structural Directive - Learn ViewContainerRef
Running Into A Design Issue While Implementing The Modal Close Functionality
Implementing A General Communication Mechanism For Directive Interaction
Angular Global Keyboard Handling With EventManager
Learn Angular Multi-Slot Content Projection
Completing the Authentication Dialog - Learn How To Use ng-template Inputs
Preventing Memory Leaks
Implementing The Modal Tests, What's Next ?

Advanced Keyboard Handling - The Input Mask Directive :
The Input Mask Directive - Switching Branches
The Input Mask Directive That We Are About To Build
Input Mask Directive Skeleton - Learn ElementRef and Native Element Interaction
Implementing The Mask PlaceHolder Using The Reduce Functional Operator
HostListener Method Arguments - Blocking Default Keyboard Behavior
Overwritting the Current Cursor Position
Implementing The Input Mask Cursor Navigation Functionality
Digit Validation - Function Types and Polymorphic Programming Without Class
Digit Validation - Avoiding Writing Special Code For Null And Undefined
Input Mask - Implementing The Delete and Backspace Behavior
Finishing The Input Mask - The Select DOM Event and Enabling Text Copy

Final Example - Payment Widget Modal With Animations :
All Together - Demo Of the Payment Widgets Modal
Angular Animations - Fade In and Fade Out Animations
Angular Animations - How To Define a Transition and an Animation Trigger
Angular Animation Parameters and Animation Lifecycle Hooks

Conclusions and Bonus Lesson :
Other Courses
Bonus Lecture
Conclusions and Key Points