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Welcome to the course :
Welcome to the course
What You Will Build In This Course
How To Get Most Out Of The Course
How To Use The Downloadable Resources
How The Challenges Are Designed

Setting up the Project and the first Activities :
Welcome to the section
DEMO - Create Your Own App Icon
Setup and Icon creation
Setup Firebase Project
Splash Screen
DEMO Creating Custom Widgets
Challenge - Custom TextView
Using Different Fonts and Creating Custom TextView
Setting up Custom Button, Prepare Login Activity
Setting up the Login Activity
Setting up the Register Activity
Validating Registry Entries

Firebase Authentication - Register and Login :
Welcome to the section
DEMO - How To Setup Firebase Authentication
Challenge - Firebase Authentication
Registering the User and Firebase Authentication
Displaying the Progress Dialog While Registering the New User
Prepare Validation of Login Entries
Logging in the User in the Firebase Cloud
DEMO - Reset Password via - Forgot Password
Challenge - Reset Password
The Forgot Password Activity
The Forgot Password Implementation and Test

Google Firestore - Storing Your Data In The Cloud Database :
Welcome to the section
Setting up Firestore
Creating Our First Entry in the Firestore Cloud Database
Retrieving Data from the Firestore Database
Storing the Username on the Phone via Sharedpreferences and Displaying it
Creating the User Profile Activity Design - Part 1
Creating the User Profile Activity Design - Part 2
Use Parcelable to Store More User Details on the Device via Sharedpreferences
DEMO - Using Permissions In Android Studio
Challenge - Permission To Store Profile Image
Asking for Permissions to Store Profile Image
Loading the Profile Image from Storage
Loading the Profile Image from Storage with Glide
Verify User Entries
Uploading the Profile Details

Uploading Files To The Google Firebase Storage - Profile Screen and Dashboard :
Welcome to the section
DEMO - Firebase Storage - Store Images In The Cloud
DEMO - Using Glide To Assign Images The Easy Way
Challenge - Uploading the Profile Image to Google Firestore
Uploading the Profile Image to the Firebase Cloud Storage
Updating the Imageurl in the Profile and Firebase Database
Updating the Database About a Finished Profile Entry
Creating a Dashboard Activity
Cleaning up the Project and the Double Back Button Pressed Functionality
Taking Care of the Different Fragements
Setting up the Dashboard Fragment to Have a Settings Option
Creating the Settings Screen Layout
Loading the Profile Data from Firestore
Editing the Profile and Loging the User Out
Making the Profile Screen Editable

Developing the Adding and Displaying of Products in a Recyclerview :
Welcome to the section
Preparing the Add Product Activity and the Menu that Leads there
Designing the Add Product Activity
Let the User Select a Product Image
Validating Product Detail Entries
Uploading the Product Image
Upload the Product to Our Database
Preparing our Products Fragment and creating a Base Fragment
Getting the Products from Our Firestore Database
DEMO - RecyclerView - Adapter - Displaying a List
Challange - RecyclerView and Displaying Products In It
Displaying the Products in a Recyclerview
Preparing the Dashboard Fragment
Displaying the Dashboard Items
Preparing the Deletion of Products in the UI
Displaying AlertDialog and Deleting Product in the Cloud

Developing The Product Details Screen :
Welcome to the section
Adding the Product Details Screen
Passing the Product ID from the Products Screen to the Product Details Screen
Retrieving and Displaying the Product Details
Displaying the Product Details from the Dashboard

Developing the Cart - Including Items, Cart Overview and Details :
Welcome to the section
Displaying Add To Card if it is not our own product
Add to Cart Part 1
Add to Cart Part 2
Add to Cart Part 3
Preparing the Cart UI and Moving to it
Cart List Part 1
Cart List Part 2
Preparing the Cart Amount with Stock Check Part 1
Preparing the Cart Amount with Stock Check Part 2
Preparing the Cart Amount with Stock Check Part 3
Increasing and Reducing Item Amount in Cart

Allowing The User To Add Addresses :
Welcome to the section
Creating the Address List Activity
Creating the Add Edit Address Activity and UI
Checking user Entries as well as prepare the Address Datamodel
Adding Address in Cloud
Loading the Addresses from the Firestore Database
Displaying the Addresses of a User in a List
Swipe to Edit - Address List Items
Edit the Address After Swiping
Swipe to Delete Addresses
Making Important Changes to Cart and Address Activities

Adding The Checkout Activity - Storing and Displaying of Firestore Data :
Welcome to the section
The Checkout Activity
Displaying Address on Checkout Screen
Preparing the Checkout Activity to Display Products in of the Cart
Displaying Cart Items in Checkout Activity
Place Orders and Store them in the Cloud Database

Building The Orders Screen :
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Update The Stock And Clear The Cart
Displaying the Orders in the Order Fragment
Preparing The MyOrdersActivity To Display Orders
Displaying Order Details
Creating An Entry For Sold Products In The Database
Preparing The SoldProducts Fragment And Editing Our Navigation Bar
Displaying the Sold Products
Passing Details from The Sold Products Screen
Finishing the Sold Products Details and the App

Your Special Bonus :
Your Special Bonus

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