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Android Development for Beginners: Your first app in 2 hours

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Course project overview

Tools setup :
Java SDK, Android Studio and Android SDK

Android Studio, tools and emulators :
Create a project
Creating emulator and running the app
Project structure
Gradle build tool

Creating UI :
Layouts - FrameLayout
Layouts - LinearLayout
Layouts - RelativeLayout
Input Controls and their attributes
Supporting Multiple Screens
Declaring layout for Main Activity

Activities, Intents and Menu :
Activity lifecycle
Handling user interactions
Starting new Activity
Declaring layout for AddNoteActivity
Creating Menu

In-memory data store :
Define a data model
Creating datasource with the in-memory storage
Splitting packages
Saving note to the in-memory data storage

Lists and adapters :
Initializing RecyclerView layout, separators
Creating RecyclerView item layout
Creating an Adapter for the RecyclerView 1/2 (ViewHolder)
Creating an Adapter for the RecyclerView 2/2
Displaying data from DB in RecyclerView
Returning a result from the activity

SQLite :
Define a schema and contract
Create a database using a SQL helper
Swap in-memory implementation with the DB

Detail screen and delete function :
Creating a NoteDetailsActivity and declaring layout
Add click listener to the RecyclerView item
Passing an object into the NoteDetailsActivity
Creating menu
Confirmation dialog and delete Note functionality

Preparation for publishing app to Google Play :
Release to the Play Store: build a signed apk