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Android Development: Android App Development From Scratch

Course Overview :

Java Lectures :
Intro to Java

Environment Setup :
Getting Started With Java? ( JDK, JRE and JVM )
Installing Java on Windows
Installing Java on Linux
Installing Java on Mac

Development Environment :
What is IDE?
Download and Run Eclipse
First Java Program - Hello World
Compiling and Running Applications
Closer Look at the First Java Program

Basics of Java Syntax :
Closer Look at the Java
What Are Variables?
Basic Output
Basic Input
Data Types
Stack & Heap

Operators :
Arithmetic Operators
Assignment Operators
Unary Operators
Equality and Relational Operators
Conditional Operators
Operator Precedence
Expressions, Statements and Blocks

Control Flow Statements :
If, If-Else Statement
If-Else - If Ladder Statement, Nested If Statement
Switch-Case Statement
Project 1: Calculator
For Loops
For-Each Loop
While Loop
Do - While Loop
Break Keyword
Continue Keyword
Return Keyword
Project 2: Fibonacci Series

Methods Functions :
What is Method?
Method Calling
Types of Methods & Method Return Types
Method Overloading
Project 3: Find Exponential Number

Java Object Oriented Concept :
Object & Class
Access Modifiers
Naming Conventions
“Static” Keyword
Nested & Inner Classes

Object Oriented Programming :
Method Overriding
“Super” and “This” Keywords
“Final” Keyword
Abstract Classes

Wrapper Classes, Auto-Boxing and Unboxing :
What is Wrapper Class in Java?
Conversion of Types
Autoboxing - UnBoxing

Strings :
What is String?
Useful Methods of String
Why String is Immutable?
StringBuffer Class
StringBuilder Class
String vs String Buffer vs String Builder
Project 4: Reverse String

Exception Handling :
Intro to Exception
What Is The Difference Between Error and Exception?
Exception Types
Try - Catch Block
Finally Block
Differences Between "Throw" and "Throws"
Throw Keyword
Throws Keyword
Exception Methods
Project 5: Bank Account Balance

Let`s Start Android Application Development :
Android Ecosystem
Installing Android Studio 3.3.2
Installing Emulators

Creating a New Project :
Android Studio
General Information About Gradle Build System
Introduction to Manifest File
Introduction to Resources (Strings, Drawables etc)
The file

Android Components :
Image View
Radio Buttons
Toggle Buttons

User Interactions :
Toast Messages
Snackbar Messages
Dialog Messages

Lists & Views :
Constraint Layout
Recycler View
Scroll View

Components and LifeCycles :
Application Lifecycle
Activity & Lifecycle
Fragment & Lifecycle

Shared Preferences and Data Saving :
Shared Preferences Class
Saving Data Local Memory
Calling Back Data

Device Compatibility :
Multiple Language Support
Support Different Pixel Densities
Support Different Screen Sizes

Android Project 1 :
To Do List

Publishing Your App on Google Play :
Apk Release Version
Building APK Files
Signing APK
Google Play Developer Account
Release Your App

Android Project 2 :
Math Game Part 1
Math Game Part 2
Math Game Part 3
Math Game Part 4
Math Game Part 5
Math Game Part 6

What We Have Learned? :
What We Have Learned?