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American English: Important Sounds for Perfect Pronunciation

Introduction to Course :
Introduction to Course

The Schwa :
The Schwa Part 1- Review of Word Stress
The Schwa Part 2
The Schwa Part 3
Online Dictionary Demo

ER, R Controlled Vowels, R :
ER Part 1
ER Part 2
R Controlled Vowels Part 1
R Controlled Vowels Part 2
The R Sound

The Short i :
The Short i Part 1
Short i Part 2 - Short i Long e
Short i Part 3 - Short i as Schwa

The L Sound :
L Part 1
L Part 2 - Dark L
L Part 3 - Syllabic L

ED Endings :
ED Ending Part 1
ED Ending Part 2

S, Z & S Endings :
The S & Z Sounds
S Endings Part 1
S Endings Part 2

Conclusion :