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Amazon Web Services – Understanding the VPC

Introduction :
Course Expectations
AWS Free Tier Account

Basic Infrastructure Design :
Global Infrastructure
Virtual Private Cloud and Elastic Compute Cloud
AWS - IP Addressing
AWS - VPC Routing
VPC and Subnets
Availability Zones
Components of a VPC
Default VPC
Elastic Compute Cloud
Building an EC2 Instances
EC2 Key Pairs
Connecting to an EC2 Instance
Working with an EC2 Instance
Building a Windows Based Instance
Instance Types
Upgrading the Instance Type
Elastic Network Interface

Security :
Security Groups
Security Groups - Demo
Network Access Control Lists
Network Access Control Lists - Demo
EC2 Communication in a VPC
VPC Flow Logs

More on the VPC :
Creating a custom VPC
Private and Public Subnets
Adding a private subnet to a VPC
Bastion Hosts
Bastion Hosts - Demo
Network Address Translation
NAT Instance - Demo
NAT gateway - Demo
VPC Peering
VPC peering - Demo
VPC Endpoints

Conclusion :
Quiz on VPC Concepts
5 questions
Bonus Lecture