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Amazon EKS Starter: Docker on AWS EKS with Kubernetes

Video Introducing this tutorial

Course Introduction :
Course intro and goals
About your instructors

Code Download :
Code download

Setup an AWS EKS cluster :
Architecture overview
EKS Pricing - Warning
IAM User for this course
Create IAM role
Create a VPC
Create EKS control plane
Setup command line cli tools
Launch worker nodes and join the cluster

EKS in depth :
EKS Pricing Overview
EKS Control Plane Deep Dive
EKS Networking Deep Dive
IAM and RBAC integration in EKS
Load Balancer in EKS

Deploy the Kubernetes Dashboard :
What is the K8s dashboard ?
Create service account and RBAC rule
Deploy dashboard
Deploy metrics add-on
Create admin account and explore dasboard

Deploy a stateless sample app :
Architecture overview
Deploy backend resources
Deploy frontend resources
Scaling Pods up and down
Perform some chaos testing

Deploy a stateful app - using Amazon EBS :
Stateful App Intro & Architecture
Create namespace
Create physical volume
Deploy MySQL backend
Deployment vs StatefulSet with persistent volumes
Deploy Wordpress via Deployment
Deploy Wordpress via StatefulSet

Deploy a stateful app - using Amazon EFS :
EFS for Kubernetes
Enable EFS
Create namespace & prepare storage
Deploy MySQL backend
Deploy Wordpress frontend

Accessing AWS EKS using the CLI :
AWS CLI Setup - Official instructions
Using AWS cli to setup an EKS cluster
Setup WeaveWorks EKSCTL
Using EKSCTL to interact with an EKS cluster

Next Steps :
Bonus Lecture: Special discounts for my other courses