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ake Mobile VR Games in Unity with C# for Google Cardboard

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introducing VR & Comparing Devices :
Promo Video & Games List
How to Share in the Discussions
Welcome To The Course
The Top 5 VR Platforms Compared
Where to Dive in
Installing Unity
Section End QUIZ
4 questions
Section 1 Wrap-Up

Go Home - Programming in C# :
"Go Home" Game Introduction
Game Design Document
Scripts in Unity
Writing to the Console
Declaring and Assigning Variables
Math Operations on Variables
Booleans and if statements
Mid-section Quiz
10 questions
Recapping the Basics
Methods and User Input
Vectors for Position and Movement
Vectors, Classes and Objects
Declaring Your Own Classes
Updating Shared Variables
Mid-section Quiz
9 questions
Recapping Objects, Classes and Methods
Don’t Repeat Yourself with Functions
How to Speak Like a Programmer
Debugging Small Programs
End of section Quiz
8 questions
Section 2 Wrap-Up

Shoot the Hoop - 3D Game :
"Shoot the Hoop" Game Introduction
Game Design Document Recap
Creating a 3D Scene
Rigidbody Physics
Smart Copies with Prefabs
Instantiating Prefabs in Code
Adding Velocity to the Ball
Rotating the Camera in Code
Taking Mouse Input
Creating a Camera Gimbal
Controlling the Camera Gimbal
Setting the Ball Spawn Location
Mid-section Quiz
10 questions
Getting the Look Direction
Collisions in Code
Keeping Score Globally
Using Multiple Scenes
Creating Menu Screen UI
UI Text and Fonts
UI Buttons and Code
Timing and Triggering Events
Updating UI Text to Show Score
Persisting Data Between Scenes
Mid-section Quiz
10 questions
Converting to Oculus Rift
UI for the Oculus Rift
Importing Assets to Build Levels
Using Triggers to Detect Scoring Baskets
Audio and Music
Triggering Sounds in Code
End of section Quiz
6 questions
Section 3 Wrap-Up

Squashy Toad - Google Cardboard :
Becoming an Android Developer
Building an Unity Android Project
Android Quiz
3 questions
Becoming an iOS Developer
Building an Unity iOS Project
iOS Quiz
3 questions
Setup a VR Camera
UI in VR Environments
Interacting with Buttons in VR
Google VR Spatial Audio Sources
Avoiding Motion Sickness
Debugging Vectors in Unity
Advanced Vector Manipulation
Jumping Only When Grounded
Tile-based Terrain
Mid-section Quiz
10 questions
Procedurally Generated Terrain
Generating Infinite Terrain
Scaling Down or Up
Creating Nested Prefabs
Moving Cars with Kinematic Colliders
Spawning Cars Randomly
Understanding Bell Curves
Simulating Random Traffic
Moving Rigidbodies Smoothly
Count-based Grounding Checks
Double and Triple Hop Jumping
Mid-section Quiz
10 questions
Understanding 3D Rotation
Creating Rotations from Vectors
HUD UI and Level Reload
Lethal Objects and Death Notification
Pausing Game Mechanics
Garbage Collecting GameObjects
Enums for Labeled Numbers
Locking the Cursor
Basic Performance Benchmarking
Performance Optimization Loop
Mid-section Quiz
10 questions
Unity Profiler on Mobile
Challenge - Add Level Audio
Spawning and Destroying Lanes
End of section Quiz
3 questions

Continuing Your GameDev Journey :
Course Wrap-up
BONUS LECTURE - Our Other Courses