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Airtable for Entrepreneurs

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting Started in Airtable :
Creating your Airtable account
How to add data to your new base
Importing spreadsheets and linking records
Going deeper into linking records
Basic data types: single select and date fields
Creating a table to run a business: Transaction Tracking
Quiz on the basics
3 questions

Data types and formulas :
The Count function: counting linked records
Look up records in other tables
Date and time functions
Calculating Revenue using Airtable Formulas
The almighty IF statement
Stringing your data together with functions
Data Field Quiz
3 questions

Sorting, Filtering, and Grouping your data: Making sense of it all :
Sorting through your data
Filters, Filters, Filters
Grouping your data
Putting it all together - sort, filter, group
Quickly summarize your data
Quiz on Filters and Sorts
3 questions

Mastery in Views :
Publish a public form view - interacting with your customers
Managing your time with Calendar View
Visualizing with the Gallery View
Share your data through Public Views
Going Mobile with iPhone app
Quiz on Views
3 questions