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Agile Scrum: Learn to use Scrum for Beginners

Introduction :
DOWNLOAD: Agile Scrum - This Course Handout

Scrum Process :
Scrum Process

Agile - Basic Ideas :
What is Agile?
Usage of Agile in different industries
AGILE Manifesto
Agile Key Features
Agile Methods
Agile Concept
5 questions

Scrum :
Scrum: Definition
Scrum: Pillars
Scrum Process
Scrum Basic Concept
5 questions

Scrum Roles :
Scrum Roles
Product Owner Role
Scrum Master Role
Scrum Master Role - Continued...
Development Team Role
Development Team Role - Continued...
Scrum Roles Quiz
5 questions

Scrum Ceremonies :
Scrum Ceremonies
Daily Standup Meeting - Purpose
Daily Standup Meeting - Who & When?
Daily Standup Meeting - Process
Sprint Planning Meeting - What, Who, When?
Sprint Planning Meeting - Process
Sprint Review Meeting - What, Who, When?
Sprint Review Meeting - Process
Sprint Retrospective Meeting- What, Who, When?
Sprint Retrospective Meeting - Process
Backlog Refinement (Grooming) Activity - What, Who, When?
Backlog Refinement (Grooming) Activity - Process
Scrum Ceremony Quiz
10 questions

Scrum Artifacts :
Scrum Artifacts
Product Backlog
Product Backlog - DEEP
Sprint Backlog
Sprint Backlog Continued...
Scrum Board … Illustrations
Product Increment
Scrum Artifacts Quiz
5 questions

Performance Metrics :
Performance Metrics
Sprint Velocity
Sprint Velocity... Key Points
Burndown Chart
Sprint Burndown Chart
Release Burndown Chart
Burndown Chart - Continue…
Burnup Chart
Sprint Burnup Chart
Release Burnup Chart
Burnup Chart - Continued…
Performance Metrics Quiz
6 questions

User Stories :
User Stories - What & Why?
User Stories - How to Write?
User Stories - INVEST Model
User Stories - Acceptance Criteria
User Stories - Acceptance Criteria Example
User Stories - Definition Of Done (DoD)
User Story Quiz