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Agile Project Management Utilizing Microsoft Project

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Project Management, Agile style
What You Need To Know
Using The Exercise Files
Choosing The Best Options For Your Agile Project

Agile Project Management: Getting Started :
Formalizing Working Time
Managing Features Through Custom Fields
How To Utilize Views To See Features Assigned Releases And Sprints
Keeping An Eye On Velocity Utilizing Custom Fields
Section 2 Quiz
3 questions

Agile Task List Creation :
Setting Up Tasks For Project Initiation And Releases
Creating Nonfeature Tasks For Sprints
Viewing The Product Backlog Utilizing Views
How To Groom Your Backlog
Assigning Resources To Features

Staying On Top Of The Project :
Updating Feature Progress
Working With Incomplete Features
Generating A Burndown Report
Section 4 Quiz
3 questions

Conclusion :
Whats Next!
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