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After Effects Logo Animation – After Effects Motion Graphics

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction - For what do we need & use logo animations? :
Usage of logo intro animations
Practice activity! Simple logo animation you start with
Download resources here

Logo Animation #1 - Quick Motion Elements Reveal :
Logo Animation #1 - Introduction
Create the dot
Circular dots
Logo composition
Make the animation POP!
Finishing touch

Logo Animation #2 - Unfolding Introduction :
Logo Animation #2 - Introduction
Dividing the composition
Making the logo composition
Keyframing the animation
Adding cameras
Fading out and little tweaks
Organize the project for use

Logo Animation #3 - Circle Motion Elements Animation :
Logo Animation #3 - Introduction
Radial Wipe circle
Trim Paths line
Repeater Dots
Placing the circles
Animating elements
Working the dots
Finalizing the animation

Logo Animation #4 - Sliced Mask Animation :
Logo Animation #4 - Introduction
Decide on the logo space
Circular rotation animation
Animated shape addon
Utilize what you already have
Add the tagline animation

What now? Rendering & usage :
How to render with Render Queue
How to render with Adobe Media Encoder
Rendering transparent videos
Add intros in video editing software

Conclusion :
Thank You!
Bonus Lecture: Continue to learn!