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After Effects CC 2017: Essential Motion Graphics Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

Jump Start Into Motion Graphics and After Effects :
Let's Have Fun Seriously!
Motion Graphics in After Effects is Very Easy

Download Your Section Footage to Follow Along :
Getting Ready with Footage
Getting Ready to Animate Assembling Footage
Animating Your Graphics
Completing the Animation with more Properties
Download the Practice Activity Challenge Footage
Your Practice Activity and Challenge for this Section
Your Practice Activity Tutorial
When your footage links break Relinking

Graphics from within After Effects :
Intro to Graphics in AE
After Effects Interface a Quick Overview
How to Create Motion Graphics Animation A Structured Approach
Create Your Graphics with After Effects Tools
Animating Your Graphics

Practice Activity and Challenge Section 1 :
Your Practice Activity Tutorial (Download Enabled)
Download the Project Files for this Section
How to Download Animation Lectures

The Phone Animation Your First Complete Motion Graphics Project :
Your Learning take Away from this Section
Adding Graphics Shapes and How to Create Them
The Easy Way to Add Text
Adding Pen Drawings
Designing Your Phone (Download Enabled)
Animating Your Phone (Download Enabled)
Animating the Rest of the Phone (Download Enabled)
Tweaking your Phone Animation (Download Enabled)
Let's Go Pro It's easy Nesting and Precomposing (Download Enable)
How about adding Some Visual Effects (Download Enabled)
Create your first Video and Upload
How to Get H.264 if you don't have it

Practice Activity and Challenge Section 2 :
Download the Project Files for this Section

The Walking Man Animation A Simple Approach to Create a Walking Character :
Your Learning Take Away from This Section
What is inside a Shape Layer
Let's Create this Walking Guy Simple Compound Shapes (Download Enabled)
Let's Get Walking Part One (Download Enabled)
He is Walking!! Beginner's Style (Download Enabled)
Walking with a Scenery (Download Enabled)
Download the Project Files for this Section

The Angry Birds Animation A Closer Look at Time and Space :
Your Learning Take Away from This Section
Download the Angry Birds Images to create your project
How to Import Your Asset and Footage
Importing from Illustrator It doesn't matter if you know Illustrator
Designing Your Scene (Download Enabled)
How does Animation Work in Space The Motion Path in Details
Animating in Space Motion Path with the Black Bird (Download Enabled)
Animating in Space Motion Path with the Yellow Bird (Download Enabled)
Easing these fellows Manipulate Time on a Motion Path (Download Enabled)
Let's get them to Ease Application (Download Enabled)
Slow them Down An Into to the Motion Graph (Download Enabled)
Take Control of Easing: How to Manipulate the Graph Editor (Download Enabled)
How about Speeding In and Speeding Out (Download Enabled)
Lets Go Bezier (Download Enabled)

Practice Activity and Challenge Section 4 :
Download the Project Files for this Section 4

PoPs A Practical approach to Learning Motion Graphics and Building your Assets :
The Confused Guy Your Learning Take Away from this Section
Let's Dig Deeper in Shapes and Add more
The Circle and The Stroke (Download Enabled)
Here is Shadow Effects Explained in Detail
The Circle and The Fill (Download Enabled)
How to Repeat and Repeat and Repeat The Repeater Concept
This is How to Animate Your Repeats
Get this Confused Guy Home Trimming the Path (Download Enabled)
Boring Parametric Shapes and Trim Path But it has to be Learned
My Dream House Wireframes Drawings You gotta see this!
Here is How you Trim the Pen and Repeat it (Download Enabled)
I couldn't Stop Another Trim Pen and Repeat (Download Enabled)
How to Walk the Confused Guy Home (Download Enabled)
Download the Project Files for Section 5

Titles Animation Techniques "
Your Learning Take away from this Section
Download your First Project Files for this section
Creating Backgrounds with Solids
The Concept of Title Animation (Download Enabled)
Bringing in Text with Track Mattes
The Inverse Method
How to use Luminosity on Text and Mattes
Using PreComps to Pop Text
Changing Text Layer Content with Time
Rolling Text on its own Path
Text Climbing Mountains
Texturing your Text
Another Method to Get Outline Only Text
Creating a Title Animation to Reverse
Reversing an Animation First Method
Your Second Project Files for this section
Using Compositions as Track Mattes (Download Enabled)
Creating a Time Reversible Animation (Download Enabled)
Using the Time Reverse Technique (Download Enabled)
Layers at an Angle the easy way (Download Enabled)

Parenting Space Ships :
Download your Space Ships Assets
How to get the baby Space Ships to follow the Mother Ship
The Anchor Point Effect
Children Don't Stay Still (Download Enabled)
Even a Comp can become a Child (Download Enabled)
The Rowdy Child Breaking off the Parent (Download Enabled)
Your Practice Activity Adding a Space Dimension (Download Enabled)
Download your complete Project files for Section 7

Animating Robots Rigging Concepts and Applications :
What it is all about
Download the Asset files for this section
Forward Kinematic Concept
Animating a Robotic Arm (Download Enabled)
Animating a Simple Robot (Download Enabled)
How to animate a group of Layers (Download Enabled)
Scaling the Robot
Organizing the Robot Body Parts (Download Enabled)
Rigging Becomes a Breeze (Download Enabled)
Your Practice Activity Have lots of Fun
Download your Project files for this section

Animating with Bezier Special Morphing :
The Jumping Worm A Bezier Pen Tool Animated
They are meeting in the Ring
The Circle and The Square They Can Bezier Too!!
The Boxing Match
The First Vertex Theory
How to Damage Your Path
Homomorphism(ing) into a House
Morphing Colors

Using Vector Graphics from Illustrator (AI) :
What you will learn in this Section
The Wrong Way to Import your Vector File
Setting your AI Layers and Groups
How to Create Shape Layers from Vector Graphics
Download your final project file

The Banana Animation and the 4Phase Walk :
What will be covered in this section
Download the start up project
Animating the Banana Back Foot
Animating the Front Foot Completing the Foot Cycle
Connecting the Feet to the Legs Now the Banana is Walking
Animating the Hands An easier Approach
Bouncing the Banana for a more Natural Walk
Taking the Banana for a walk
Taking the Banana for a walk First Method
Taking the Banana for a walk Second Method
Final Project Download Banana Man Animation

It is sad to leave you here :
The Way Forward
Bonus Courses Learn more for less
Bonus Courses Learn more for less