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Udemy Affinity Designer for the iPad

Video Introducing this tutorial

Welcome to the Course! :
Start Right Here..
Time to Load up...
The Interface Basics
The Studios, plus Hand Gestures
Moving, Scaling and Rotating
The Layer Studio, part 1
The Layer Studio, part 2
Your Turn! Boogie Oogie Oogie Sidewalk, part 1
Your Turn! Boogie Oogie Oogie Sidewalk, part 2

Time to Get Just a Little Bit Serious... :
Master the Move Tool
The Transform Studio
Your Turn! A Little Transform Exercise, part 1
Your Turn! A Little Transform Exercise, part 2
The Little Red Control Points on Built In Shapes...
Introduction to Nodes
The Corner Tool
Practice the Node Tool
The Vector Crop Tool and Clipping Layers
Booleans and Compound Shapes

Your First Big Project - Create a Fire Truck :
Create the Fire Truck, part 1
Create the Fire Truck, part 2
Create the Fire Truck, part 3
Create the Fire Truck, part 4
Create the Fire Truck, part 5
Create the Fire Truck, part 6
Create the Fire Truck, part 7
Create the Fire Truck, part 8

Beyond the Basics... :
New File...
RGB, CMYK and Color Spaces
The Pencil Tool, part 1
The Pencil Tool, part 2 - the Stabiliser
The Pencil Tool, part 3 - the-not-so-good-news...
The Pen Tool, part 1
The Pen Tool, part 2, the Different Modes
Nodes, part 1
Nodes, part 2 - Snapping Options
The Point Transform Tool
The Navigator Studio

Your Second Big Project - Rawrrr! :
The Lion, part 1
The Lion, part 2 - Create the Eyes
The Lion, part 3 - Create the Nose
The Lion, part 4 - The Mouth and Whiskers
The Lion, part 5 - Fill in the Colors
The Lion, part 6 - Refine the Shape Lines
The Lion, part 7 - The Legs
The Lion, part 8 - The Chest
The Lion, part 9 - Tail and Finishing Touches
Expand the Stroke
The Transparency Tool and Blurring the Edges
Gradients, part 1
Gradients Applied to our Lion

Let's Get a Bit More Advanced :
Color Spaces, RGB and CMYK
Creating Templates
Palettes and the Place File Command
Vector Brushes
Bleeds, Grids and Guides
Text, part 1
Text, part 2 - Typefaces and Web Fonts
Text, part 3 - Frame Text
Resize Document and Resize Canvas
The Text Studio part 1 - Font Types
The Text Studio part 2 - Kerning and Leading
Text on a Path
The History Studio
The Appearance Studio
Layer FX and Styles

The Pixel Persona :
Say 'Hi' to the Pixel Persona
All of a Sudden, Dots per Inch are Important
Cropping your Image
Adjustment Layers
Sort out the Dark and Light, plus the Histogram
White Balance
Color Balance
Curves, part 1 - Introduction
Curves, Part 2 - Color Balance Work
Your Turn! Practice with Adjustment Layers
More Adjustment Layers
Selections, part 1 - the Rectangular and Elliptical marquee tools
Selections, part 2 - Freehand Selections
Selections part 3 - The Auto Select Tools
Selections part 4 - Refine the Selection
Practice the Refine Select Tool
Layer Masks
Pixel Brush Basics
Customise your Pixel Brushes
Using Pixel Brushes with Vector Art
Layer Blend Modes
Blend Mode Usages
Layer Blend Ranges
The Stock Studio
Smart Object Import
The Smudge Tool
Export your Files
Thanks for Watching!