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Advanced Python for IoT & IoT Based Data Analysis

Introduction :
Introduction to Packages and Modules

Installation :
Concept of Anaconda Distribution
Installation of PyCharm

Nuts and Bolts :
Executing Programs in PyCharm
Methods of the List
Learning the Bolt Structure

Networking and Networking Concepts :
Networking Aspect of Client Server
Mesaage Communication of Client and Server
Server IP from Client to Server

Socket Programming :
Programming Aspect of Networking
Writing the Client and Server Code
Socket Programming for Server
Python Package for Multithreading

ChatBot App :
Working with Chat Bot
Sending and Receiving Data
Working on Chat Bot Server
Creating and Importing Client Socket
Creating Message for Client
Learning to Create a Chat App

Database and Chat App :
Pycharm Databases and Sqlite
Commands for Creating a Table
Inserting Values in Table
Connecting Between Database and Python Code
Query from Database
Making changes in Chat App
Decoding the Client info

Client Element and Datasets :
Indexing the Client Element
Connection from Client at Address
Adding Email and Client Name
Analyzing the Data Sets
Coding for Converting Tempratures
Converting Temperature using List comprehension

Numpy :
Introduction to Numpy
Size of List
Memory Consumed By Ndarray
Python List and Numpy Arrays

Numpy Arrays :
Creating Numpy Arrays
Different Dimensional Array in Numpy
Shape of an Array
Slicing Continue
Arrays of Ones and Zeros
Numpy Example
Numpy Example Continue
Using Scalers with Numpy Arrays
Matrix Multiplication
Comparison Operations