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Advanced Product Management #2: Leadership & Communication

Introduction :
Course Overview
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Mastering Communication for PMs :
Introduction to Communication
The Art of Presentations: Design and Delivery
The Art of Presentations: Tell a Story like Steve Jobs
Master Public Speaking
Interpersonal Communication: Body Language
Interpersonal Communication: Personality Types
Personality Types (Part 2): Real World Usage & Cole's Example
Documentation Pro Tips
Review & Recap: Section 2

Leadership for Product Managers :
Introduction to Leadership
Becoming a Leader
Becoming a Leader (Part 2): Communication
Influencing and Leading Without Authority
How to Make Yourself Visible
My Favorite Exercise to Lead Your Team Better
Review & Recap: Section 3

Accelerating Your PM Career :
Introduction to Accelerating Your Career
Things Every Product Manager Needs to Do ASAP
Mastering the PM Career Path
Understanding Promotions and How to Get Them
Becoming Semi-Famous: Advanced Personal Branding
4 Tips on Becoming a Better Product Manager
Review & Recap: Section 4

Managing People as a PM :
Introduction to People Management
Why Managing PMs is Uniquely Challenging
Managing Product Managers
The Right Way to Have 1-on-1 Meetings
Managing Upwards as a PM
Review & Recap: Section 5

Case Study on Presentations & a Cool Interview :
Case Study: Let's Make a Boring Presentation More Fun!
Interview with Ron Feldman, VP of Product at Managed by Q

Conclusions :
The End

Bonus Section :
Bonus Lecture: How to get your next course for $13.99