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Advanced Javascript

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
How to edit and run code in Chrome?

Basics :
1. What is "use strict" and what does it do?
2. Does javascript pass variables by reference or by value?
Quiz 1
3 questions

Types & Equality :
3. What are the different types in javascript?
4. What is the difference between == and ===?
5. What is NaN and how can we check for it?
Quiz 2
4 questions

Scopes :
6. What are the different scopes in javascript?
7. What is variable hoisting?
8. What is the scope chain?
9. What is an IIFE and why might you use it?
10. What are function closures?
Quizz 3
10 questions
Quick Question

Object Orientation :
11. What does the this keyword mean?
12. What do the functions call, bind and apply do?
13. What is the prototype chain?
14. What is the difference between prototypal and classical inheritance?
Quiz 4
10 questions
15. What is the Constructor OO pattern? (part 1)
15. What is the Constructor OO pattern? (part 2)
16. What is the Prototype OO pattern?
Quiz 5
7 questions

Networking :
17. What is CORS?
18. What is JSONP?
Quiz 6
5 questions

Events :
19. What is the difference between event capturing and bubbling?
20. What is the difference between stopPropagation and preventDefault?
Quiz 7
5 questions

Bonus :
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Bonus Lecture