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Advanced iOS & Firebase: Rideshare

Video Introducing this tutorial

Intro to App & Building App UI :
Intro to Course - Uber clone app
iOS App: Xcode Project Creation
iOS App: Building HomeVC’s User Interface
iOS App: Creating Custom View Subclasses for HomeVC
iOS App: Creating a Sliding Tray Menu with ContainerVC
iOS App: Creating a UIView Extension
iOS App: Building LoginVC’s User Interface
iOS App: Creating Custom View Subclasses for LoginVC
iOS App: Adding RevealingSplashView

Setting Up Firebase & Configuring Authentication :
Firebase: Creating project in Firebase & adding it to Xcode
Firebase: Creating a DataService Singleton
Firebase: Enabling Sign In and Authentication
Firebase: Configuring Side Menu Changes Based On Account Type

Advanced iOS & Firebase: Displaying Users on MapView :
Advanced iOS: Configuring Location Services and Permissions
Advanced iOS: : Creating an UpdateService Singleton
Advanced iOS: Creating the DriverAnnotation Subclass
Advanced iOS: Loading Instances of Driver from Firebase
Advanced iOS: UX Improvement 1: CenterMapButton Improvements
Quiz 1
4 questions

Advanced iOS & Firebase: Search Functionality :
iOS App: Setting up UITextFieldDelegate Methods
iOS App: Searching for Nearby Locations
iOS App: UX Improvement 2: Animating and Hiding UITableView
iOS App: Selecting A Search Result
iOS App: Dropping A Pin For The User’s Desired Destination
iOS App: Showing Trip Route
iOS App: UX Improvement 3: Loading View
iOS App: Removing Destination Coordinate from Firebase
iOS App: Zooming in on MKMapView
iOS App: Showing Alerts
Quiz 2
4 questions

Advanced iOS & Firebase: Configuring Ride Experience :
iOS App: Building PickupVC in Interface Builder
iOS App: Allowing Passengers To Request Trips
iOS App: Allowing Drivers to Accept Trips
iOS App: Showing Routes and Annotations
iOS App: Allowing a Passenger or Driver to Cancel Trip
iOS App: Modifying Function to Show and Zoom Routes
iOS App: Fixing and Removing Duplicate Overlays on MKMapView

Advanced iOS & Firebase: Configuring Start & End a Trip :
iOS App: Setting up CLRegion for Passenger and Destination
iOS App: Making the Action Button ‘Smart’
iOS App: Starting a Trip

Advanced iOS & Firebase: Wrapping Up :
Finishing the Riede Share App: Getting Directions with Apple Maps
Ride Share App: Code Cleanup and Creation of Constants File

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