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Advanced Instagram Marketing Course : 4 Courses in 1

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction Sectopn to Advance Instagram Marketing :
Introduction to Advanced Instagram Marketing
8 Rules to get the most out of the course

Advanced hashtag strategy :
Advanced hashtag strategy
Your pack of hashtags
2 questions
Get up to 3000 profile views
How to apply liking strategy
The right MEGA hashtag for your page
1 question
Get your posts to explore & hashtag top section

Engagement to Followers :
The 2 type of ads you need
Convert audience to followers
Valuable trap
Topic - Product - Trap
3 questions
Convert followers to subscribers

Followers to Customers :
Product in trap
The 5 email marketing sequence
Bring back the visitors
Sell the next level product

Mega Email Marketing :
What you will learn in "Email Marketing"
Course documents
4 Stages of email marketing
Cheapest ways to capture email leads
Setup Mailchimp
Mailchimp Audience
Sign up forms: builder, embeded & pop up
Import signup form into Facebook page
Content, report & template
Email campaigns
Email automation - Get Response
Section documents

Sales funnel :
Introduction to sales funnel
6-figure sales funnel
Section documents

Marketing Cognitive Biases - Part 1 :
Introduction to marketing cognitive biases
The List & Lollapalooza Tendency
+ Lollapalooza
Scarcity - Part1
Scarcity - Part2
+ Scarcity
Reward & Punishment Tendency
+ Reward
Liking/Loving Tendency & Disliking/Hating Tendency
+ Liking
Contrast Misreaction Tewndency
+ Contrast
Reciprocation Tendency
+ Reciprocation
Inconsistency-Avoidance Tendency
+ Consistency
Exercise - A woman from Poland

Marketing Cognitive Biases - Part 2 :
Doubt-Avoidance Tendency
+ Doubt
Influence-from-Mere Association Tendency
+ Association
Simple, Pain-Avoidance Psychological Denial
+ Pain avoidance
Excessive self regard tendency
+Excessive self regard
Overoptimism Tendency
+ Overoptimism
Social Proof
+ Social proof
Curiosity Tendency
+ Curiosity
Stress-Influence Tendency
+ Stress
Availability-Misweighing tendency
+ Availablity
Authority-Misinfluence Tendency
Twaddle Tendency
+ Tendency
Reason-Respecting Tendency
+ Reason

Cognitive biases practice :
Booking hotel - part1
Booking hotel - part2
Amazon vs ebay