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Advanced Business Process Modeling

Getting Started :
Project Resources

Basic Control Flow Patterns :
Parallel Split
Exclusive Choice
Simple Merge

Advanced Branching and Synchronization Patterns :
Structured Synchronizing Merge
Multi Merge
Structured Discriminator
Structured Partial Join
Blocking Partial Join
Cancelling Partial Join
Generalized AND Join
Acyclic Synchronizing Merge
General Synchronizing Merge
Thread Merge
Thread Split

Multiple Instances Patterns :
Multiple Instances without Synchronization
Multiple Instances with a Priori Design-Time Knowledge
Multiple Instances with a Priori Run-Time Knowledge
Static Partial Join for Multiple Instances
Cancelling Partial Join for Multiple Instances
Dynamic Partial Join for Multiple Instances

State-based Patterns :
Deferred Choice
Interleaved Parallel Routing
Critical Section
Interleaved Routing

Cancellation and Force Completion Patterns :
Cancel Task
Cancel Case
Cancel Region
Cancel Multiple Instance Activity

Iteration Patterns :
Arbitrary Cycles
Structured Loop

Termination Patterns :
Implicit Termination
Explicit Termination

Trigger Patterns :
Transient Trigger
Persistent Trigger