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Advanced Algorithms in Java

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Graph theory introduction
Complexity theory

Breadth-First Search :
Breadth-first search introduction
BFS implementation
BFS - WebCrawler (core of search engines)
BFS - WebCrawler implementation

Depth-First Search :
Depth-first search introduction
DFS implementation I - with stack
DFS implementation II - with recursion
Topological ordering introduction
Topological ordering implementation I
Topological ordering implementation II
Cycle detection introduction
Cycle detection implementation I
Cycle detection implementation II
Maze solving algorithm implementation
Memory management: BFS vs DFS
Graph traversal quiz
5 questions

Shortest Path Algorithms :
Dijkstra algorithm introduction - basics
Dijkstra algorithm introduction - algorithm
Dijkstra algorithm introduction - example
Bellman-Ford algorithm introduction
Dijkstra algorithm introduction - with adjacency matrix
Shortest path algorithms applications
Dijkstra algorithm implementation I
Dijkstra algorithm implementation II
Bellman-Ford algorithm implementation I
Bellman-Ford algorithm implementation II
DAG shortest path implementation
Arbitrage situations on FOREX introduction
Arbitrage situations on FOREX implementation
Longest path implementation
Shortest path algorithms quiz
5 questions

Spanning Trees :
Union-find data structure (disjoint sets)
Union-find data structure illustration
Spanning trees introduction - Kruskal algorithm
Kruskal algorithm implementation I
Kruskal algorithm implementation II - disjoint set
Kruskal algorithm implementation III
Spanning trees introduction - lazy Prim's algorithm
Prims lazy algorithm implementation I
Prims lazy algorithm implementation II - the core
Spanning trees introduction - eager Prim's algorithm
Eager Prim's algorithm implementation
Applications of spanning trees
Spanning trees quiz
5 questions

Strongly Connected Components :
Strongly connected components introduction
Kosaraju algorithm introduction
Kosaraju implementation I - the Graph class
Kosaraju implementation II
Kosaraju algorithm implementation III - test
Tarjan algorithm introduction
Tarjan implementation I
Tarjan implementation II - test
Applications of strongly connected components
Strongly connected components quiz
3 questions

Maximum Flow Problem :
Maximum flow introduction - basics
Maximum flow introduction - properties
Maximum flow introduction - cuts
Maximum flow introduction - residual networks
Maximum flow introduction - Ford-Fulkerson algorithm
Maximum flow introduction - example
Maximum flow introduction - applications
Maximum flow implementation I - Edge, Vertex
Maximum flow implementation II - FlowNetwork class
Maximum flow implementation III - Ford-Fulkerson algorithm
Maximum flow implementation IV - augmentation
Maximum flow implementation V - testing
Bipartite matching problem introduction
Bipartite matching implementation

Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP) :
Travelling salesman problem introduction
TSP implementation with simulated annealing I - city
TSP implementation with simulated annealing II - tour
TSP implementation with simulated annealing III - algorithm
TSP implementation with simulated annealing IV - testing
Tabu search introduction
Tabu search introduction II
Travelling salesman problem quiz
2 questions

Euler cycle - Chinese Postman Problem :
Euler's cycles introduction

Source Code & Slides :
Source code

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