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Adsense Blueprint

Video Introducing this tutorial

Course Introduction And Overview :
Introduction To The Course
Course Overview

What Is Adsense and how to get started with it :
What Actually Adsense Is
Requirements to get started with AdSense

What are the steps to create AdSense account :
Steps to create an AdSense account
Why Google AdSense Team Rejects Your AdSense Application ?

How To Build A Top Quality Adsense Site - Step By Step Tutorial :
Keyword Research Process - Choosing Your Niche For Adsense
Adsense High CPC Keywords 2017
How To Use The Premium Keyword Service To Find Hidden Low Competition Keywords
How To Use To Find Low Competitive Keywords For Adsense Site
How To Buy A Domain For Your Adsense Site
How To Setup Hosting For Your Adsense Site
Wordpress Installation Process - How to Setup Nameservers To Your Site
Wordpress Installation Process - How To Install Wordpress For Your Adsense Site
Content Rewriting Service - 100% FREE With The Course
Using Online Content Rewriter For Creating Unique Content
Privacy Policy And Other Pages For Your Adsense Site
Choosing and Installing The Right Theme For Your Adsense Website
Important Essential Plugins For Onsite SEO For Your Adsense Site
Security Plugins For Your Adsense Site
Setting Up Contact Us Page For Your Adsense Site

How to get succeeded in AdSense :
Tips on Succeeding With AdSense
How to promote your AdSense account
Make Your Website Ready For Getting Instant Adsense Approval
How to earn more using your AdSense account

Software :
Traffic Extractor Software - 100% FREE With The Course
Common Requirements To Install The Software
Common Errors While Installing The Software
Traffic Extractor Software - The Interface Explained
Traffic Extractor - Social Lead Finder Interface Module
Traffic Extractor Software - Google+ Module
Traffic Extractor Software Twitter Module

Closing Words :
How To Get Succeeded With This System
Final Words