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Adobe Photoshop For Everyone: Design 12 Practical Projects

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Course Overview
Get 7-Days Free Trial Of Adobe Photoshop CC

Create Social Media Post Graphics :
Introduction & Create Document
Adjust The Image & Add Text
Export Photo To Get Final Output

Create Social Media Channel Art/Cover Photo :
Section Intro
Use Our Template File To Create YouTube Art
Add Text & Finish The YouTube Channel Art
Create Other Similar Social Media Cover Photo/Channel Art

Edit Photos In Photoshop To Look Them Awesome :
Removing Spot & High-End Skin Softening
Color Correction Of Your Photos To Look Them Better

Remove Any Objects From Photo (Object Removal In Photoshop) :
Section Intro - Object Removal
Use Of Clone Stamp Tool & Patch Tool
Remove Objects With Healing Brush Tool
How To Remove Background From Image

Design A Cool T-shirt With Adobe Photoshop :
Introduction & Create Document
Add Artistic Cutout Effect In Image
Add Text And Customize Them
Finishing Touch Of This T-shirt Design

Design A Simple Logo With Photoshop :
Section Intro - Create A Logo
Create Project, Add Shapes, Find & Place Icon
Add Text In Your Logo
Export Your Logo With Transparent Background

Create An Attractive YouTube Thumbnail :
Section Intro & Create A Project
Add Image & Text In Your Project
Export YouTube Thumbnail

Create An Infographic With Adobe Photoshop :
What Is Infographic & Why Does It Matters
Create An Infographic Document In Photoshop
Start Designing Infographic
Add Icons And Put Information In Infographic

Design A Creative Business Card With Adobe Photoshop :
Section Intro & Start Designing Business Card
Add Text, Icons And Give The Finishing Touch (Back Part Of Business Card)
Design The Front Part Of Business Card

Use Of Product Mockup In Photoshop :
Section Intro & Where To Find Mockup Templates
Use Of Clipping Masks
Edit A Simple Product Mockup Template
Use Of Smart Objects With Product Mockup Template

Create An Animated GIF in Photoshop :
Section Intro - Create A GIF
Create A Project & Place Video In Photoshop
Add Text In Your GIF
Save Video As A Looping GIF

Create Your Own Amazing Desktop Wallpapers :
Create An Abstract Shape Wallpaper In Photoshop
Create a Polyscape Wallpaper From Sketch

Valuable Resources :
Get Unlimited Royalty FREE Images
Get Thousands Of FREE Icons
Get Thousands Of FREE Fonts

Conclusion & BONUS :
The End Of Adobe Photoshop Design Course
The Truth? I Need Your review
BONUS Lecture: Continue To Learn

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