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Adobe After Effects: Futuristic Motion Graphics & Animation

Video Introducing this tutorial

After Effects: Futuristic Graphics OVERVIEW :
After Effects: Futuristic Graphics OVERVIEW

Creating the Rectangular Graphic :
Creating the Main Rectangle
Making the Square Grid
Creating Additional Elements
Making the Bar Chart
Generating Random Text
Section 2 OUTRO

Creating the Circular Graphic :
Creating the First Shape
Working with the Stroke Effect
Repeating the Process
Creating Additional Elements
The Audio Spectrum Effect
Creating Depth
Creating the Radar
Section 3 OUTRO

Animating the Rectangular Graphic :
Animating the Initial Bars
Animating the Main Rectangle
Animating the Square Grid Using Expressions
Animating the Main Text Using Animation Presets
Animating the Bottom Strokes
Animating the Status Bars
Animating the Random Text
Section 4 OUTRO

Animating the Circular Graphic :
Section 5 Overview
Animating the Initial Ring
Repeating the Process
Animating the Radio Waves
Animating the Triangles
Animating the Text
Arranging in 3D Space
Animating the 3D Layers
Working with the Camera
Section 5 OUTRO

Compisiting the Final Scene :
Section 6 Overview
Getting a Clean Greenscreen Key
Motion Tracking Live-Action Footage
Setting Up the Main Composition
Compositing the Rectangular Graphic
Compositing the Circular Graphic
Section 6 OUTRO