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Accounting for Beginners : Learn Basics in under 1 Hour

Video Introducing this tutorial

Warm welcome ! :
What this course about?
Lets know each other

Fundamentals of Accounting :
Basic introduction of accounting
Learn Accounting Principles as per GAAP
Basic terms of accounting used in day to day business
Recognize Assets and liability through Chart of Accounts
Learn concept of Double entry system and golden rules of accounting
Learn difference between Accrual Accounting Vs Cash Accouning with examples
Quiz on basic accounting
7 questions

How to do accounting for your business or at job? :
Accounting cycle
1 page
How to do journal entries - Learn easily
Learn posting in ledger easily - T account
How to balance the ledger and prepare trial balance
Quiz on basic procedure of accounting
4 questions

Financial statements and closing of accounts :
How to do adjusting journal entries
How to make adjusted trial balance
How to prepare financial statements
How to make 10- Column worksheet
How to do Closing entries and prepare post closing trial balance
Accrual Vs Prepayment - How to deal with - Bonus
Congratulations !
Quiz on Final stages of accounting
7 questions

Exercise: Time to revise :
Exercise for practice
6 pages

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