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Accelerate Deep Learning on Raspberry Pi

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to the Course :
Introduction to the Course
Hardware Requirements for Deep Learning
How to Take This Course

The Super Simple Way to Get Started with Raspberry Pi :
How to Install Raspbian Operating System on Raspberry Pi
Optional - Headless Raspberry Pi setup
Initial Raspbian OS Setup on Raspberry PI
4 Raspberry Pi/Linux Scripting Tricks

Deep learning Fundamentals (theory) :
Multilayer Perceptron - Artificial Neural Network (Theory)
Convolutional Neural Network (Theory)

Object Detection Models that AI Engineers Use :
Tensorflow lite introduction and ARM Machine learning
Top 3 Object Detection Models

How to implement Object Detection using Intel Movidius Neural Compute Stick :
Movidius install on Raspberry Pi
How to use Movidius NCAppZoo
What is Darkflow and How to Install It
Setting up and Testing YOLO
Setup GUI and VNC
Implementing Mobilenet SSD
[BONUS] How to Detect Age and Gender on Camera

Bonus: CPU Inference and Model training :
OpenCV CPU inference
Introduction how to train a model on custom objects
[BONUS] Recurrent Neural Networks (Theory)
Cool Resources for Students